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There is another Russian talent who is making waves in the world of mixed martial arts. His name is Movsar Evloev.

This kid has been a genius ever since we first saw him compete. He came from the M-1 Challenge, where all the first 10 battles took place.

Efroev won the M-1 Challenge provisional bantamweight championship in the seventh professional battle with a KO (head kick) in the second round and unified the title on his next expedition with a unanimous decision in the fifth round. did.

He defended his title twice. One was against Sergei Morozov via submission (rear naked choke) in the third round, and the other was against Rafael Diaz via KO (punch) in the fifth round.

Next was Efroev’s UFC debut, unanimously defeating Muay Thai pro champion Sunwoochoi. Efroev then unanimously defeated one of the most prolific takedown artists in featherweight history, Enrique Barzora, and then faced another highly skilled wrestler.

Another very skilled wrestler is freestyle wrestling Olympic athlete Mike Grundy. He was able to defeat Efroev several times, but in the end it fell apart with Efroev’s impressive stuff. Efroev also won the battle with a unanimous decision.

This is the start of Efroev’s final match, beating Nick Lenz in a split decision at UFC 257. No one agreed that this was a split decision. Many of us were quite shocked that one judge did not give Efroev all three rounds.

Lenz locked Efroev several times with a tight guillotine choke in Round 1, but was defeated in the entire second half and the next two. Nonetheless, the two judges gave it to the right person, setting Efroev’s professional record 14-0.

Movsar EvloevOne of the things fans can criticize Efroev is that he has won all four of his UFC games by decision since he arrived. It doesn’t undermine how talented this young man is, but he’s as skilled as almost anyone in his department.

After entering 4-0 inside the octagon, what’s next for Movsar Evloev? He should be close to the top 15 soon. He has only given great performances in his career. At just 26 and 27 next month, it will take some time before we see the true potential of Efroev.

Edson Barboza in 15th place will be a great test for him. Barbosa is one of the most dangerous strikers in the whole sport. He advanced to 25-3 as a professional kickboxer, winning 17 different titles in the process. Needless to say, Barboza is the black belt of Muay Thai and the black belt of taekwondo.

Ilia Topuria It will also be a great battle with Efroev. This Spanish kid is also an absolute genius, having so far participated in his UFC career 2-0 and extending his professional record to 10-0.

Finally, we will face 9th place Arnold Allen. Allen is now well above the rankings compared to the last two names mentioned, but he has also won a unanimous decision against Nicklenz, who returned in January 2020.

Allen is 16-1 throughout his professional mixed martial arts career, including a 7-0 stint at the UFC so far. Allen, like Efroev, is as technical as they come and they will have a great match against each other.

UFC Featherweight Outlook What’s Next for Moffsal Efroev?

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UFC Featherweight Outlook What’s Next for Moffsal Efroev? UFC Featherweight Outlook What’s Next for Moffsal Efroev?

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