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The first installments of Fight Island in 2021 begin stylishly with loaded cards. Many of the main card games are under friction, so let’s take a look at some of the hottest preliminary games. Nik Lentz and Mike Grundy will slow down on January 16th. Lenz (30-11-2) is a little older, but he remains a featherweight and consistent threat. Lenz aims to send young prospects back to the drawing board. Lenz’s back is heading towards the UFC Fight Island wall, as revealed by his last two defeats. It’s important to note that Lenz faced fierce competition, especially when he fought. Charles Oliveira With ESPN +10 UFC.

After recovering from his first UFC defeat, Grandy (12-2) endured a tough debut. Specifically, he fought Movsar Evloev, who defeated him by decision. Certainly not a loss to hold your hat, Efroev remains undefeated in the UFC with a record of 13-0. In less than three weeks of fighting, both athletes are preparing to take advantage of their careers and catapult.Just a day ago, Lenz mentioned on social media how well his camp was. “The document has a resting heart rate of 51. When you’re actually resting, you’re in your mid-40s. Not bad. Everything goes together.”

Nik Lentz and Mike Grundy throw into Fight Island

After a fierce knockout of Nadna Limani in his UFC debut, the promotion brought him to a higher level of competition. Prior to encountering Emloev, Grundy hadn’t lost the fight since 2015. In addition, much of Grundy’s success was in the fighting sector. Most of the British finishes are done with dozen chokes and arm triangle chokes. Conversely, given Lenz’s experience, the resumes of American Top Team athletes represent a more balanced game. Interestingly, Lenz’s victory is almost evenly divided between decisions, submissions and knockouts. It adds this featherweight pairing conspiracy further, as veterans enter the match with a mystery.

Don’t miss anything For your latest in the world of mixed martial arts! The action begins at 5 pm on January 16th. ET.

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UFC Fight Island: Nick Lenz and Mike Grundy UFC Fight Island: Nick Lenz and Mike Grundy

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