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Las Vegas – UFC President Dana White Provided another discussion on Tuesday night fighter payments.

After last week Dana White Contender Series 41, He got Oscar De La Hoya, who called on how the UFC would pay the fighters.White brought a copy of the event payments from the event promoted by Delahoya and attended before and handed them out to the media. Spit out a violent rantAddresses multiple questions about fighter payments like never before.

White said last week that he didn’t care if the fighters disclosed their payments to the media. This week, the UFC president says it’s the fighters themselves who don’t want the media or anyone else to know how much they’re making.

“It doesn’t matter to me if these guys want to let you know what they’re making,” White said in. DWCS 42 Postwar press conference on Tuesday. “The other day you asked (Kevin) Holland, and what did he say? He said people were hitting him for money after I said it.

“Most of these people want what’s called an LOA (agreement). At LOA, they can’t see their money. Most fighters want LOA. They want people. You don’t want to know how much they make, so you can imagine why they don’t. People come out of woodwork and make money when they think you got it. I will start looking for it. “

LOA allows promotions and fighters to agree on payment terms that are not disclosed to the Commission. Basically, this is a shorter agreement between two parties with different details such as payments.

If payments remain out of the public eye, how does White feel about Conor McGregor’s recent fighter revealing details about other business numbers? I posted a pay-per-view receipt with a specific number On social media?

“I don’t really give sh * t anymore,” White said. “You know Connor is making a truck full of money. He’s doing well. Most of the pay-per-views (numbers) that come out are close to what they are, or the stadium. There is no real big secret there because it is in. “

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UFC Fighters Want To Keep Rewards Private UFC Fighters Want To Keep Rewards Private

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