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Details revealed Luis PeñaRecent arrests in Florida.

Saturday, UFC lightweight Arrested For domestic violence and simple battery charges in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He was booked at Broward County Prison in Fort Lauderdale.

Broward Sheriff’s Office has responded to and provided additional information requests for MMA Junkie. Affidavit of possible causes Written by arrested police officer Stephen G. Leeds.

The complete statement is:

“At the above date and time, the above defendant was involved in a physical replacement with a person who had been intimate (edited) for the past year and a half. The defendant was actually deliberately face-to-face. He attacked (edited) many times with his closed fist and continued to attack (edited) while on the ground. (Edited) There was a slight abrasion on the upper part of his left hand, an abrasion on his left wrist, and his left knee. Suspected bite in the area of. While the above incident is occurring, the victim (REDACTED) will observe the change and intervene in the situation between the defendant and (REDACTED) to mitigate it. At that time, the defendant closed his fist and struck his left eye (edited). The aforementioned strike caused a purple bruise in the (edited) eye area. When struck, (edited) T) fell to the ground and caused a laceration in her right elbow. Both (REDACTED) and (REDACTED) provided a swearing statement proving the above information and the BWC was used. The picture of the injury was taken. “

The names of the two women who made the oath were edited from records in accordance with Mercy’s law, a constitutional amendment that gives victims and their families specific rights for the benefit of fairness, respect and privacy.

Pena was detained on $ 6,000 in public debt in two indictments.He signed Order of release conditions before trial Domestic violence on October 10, the day after the arrest, includes an order to “stay at least 500 feet away from the petitioner’s home, the place of employment.”

The 28-year-old Pena last appeared in the UFC at ESPN 22 in April, but there are currently no matches scheduled. The promotion has not issued a statement to address the situation.

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UFC Luis Peña Domestic Violence: Police Explain Horrible Case UFC Luis Peña Domestic Violence: Police Explain Horrible Case

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