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Giga Chikadze suffered a severe defeat against Calvin Kattar over the weekend. The battle that graced the UFC Vegas 46 headline Georgian unanimous decision loss.. However, he secured the Fight of the Night bonus.

The exciting match marked Chikadze’s nine consecutive victories, pushing him into the queue as a potential challenger for the UFC featherweight title.There was Alexander Volkanovski, a man chased by both Chikadze and Qatar. MMA hour yesterday. At that show, he had problems with some of what Chikadze said before the fight.

Specifically, Volkanovski ridiculed Chikadze for suggesting him. Fought an “easy” battle.. This comment was made after Max Holloway was forced to withdraw due to an injury and Chang Sung-jong was involved in a title battle with Volkanovski.

“Look at the people I fought. Look at the man I fought. Mate, if you think I fought, you’re an absolute idiot,” Volkanovski said ( ht MMA fighting). “Max Holloway proved he was the next best man. After winning twice, I gave him a trilogy. Who? The skills they have to keep winning Only those who know to have it will do it. Those who do not give sexual intercourse. Those who have the ball and are willing to do what they need to do.

“It’s straightforward. I’m an easy-to-understand champion. I’m not running from anyone. If you get that number one spot, you can get it.”

Volkanovski also said he thought that the defeat to Katal would be “big eye-opening” for Chikadze.

“That, mate, [against] Good people, you can’t just rely on kicks. Giga kick you know. It just shows you, you invalidate his giga kick and he eventually becomes a punching bag. Again, guy, that’s why you have to fight these candidates. Fight all the top people, those who are trying to confuse it. Make sure you are where you are before you face the champion. When you talk about coordination, game planning, cardio, and all these tools I have — you can imagine — Mate, I would have really shown him, true bad. You can imagine.

“So, before you take these types of guys out, let’s experiment with some of these good guys and see where you are, and that he’s not really that level. Showed. “

Undefeated in the UFC, Volkanovski will face the “Korean Zombies” at the UFC 273 main event on April 9th. This card will host a reunification match for the UFC bantamweight title between Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan.

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UFC News: Giga Chikadze Brands “Absolute Idealism” by UFC Champion UFC News: Giga Chikadze Brands “Absolute Idealism” by UFC Champion

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