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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is heavyweight on the huge slope between Jairzinho Rosenstrique and Cyril Garne at the UFC Vegas 20 Main Event tomorrow night (Saturday, February 27). Attempts to strengthen the ever-shrinking list of title candidates.Streamed exclusively at the promotional APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada ESPN +..

At the UFC Vegas 20 joint main event, light heavyweight Bruiser Magomedo Ankaraev is on the road to victory in contrast to the 205-pound “minor” Nikita Krielov. There is no doubt that Ankalaev, who is currently ranked 11th, is aiming to take over Klilov’s 8th place with a victory in “Sin City”.

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£ 265: Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs. Ciryl Gane

Jairzinho “Visiboy” Rozenstruik

Record: 11-1 | age: 32 | Betting line: +225
to win: 10 KO / TKO, 0 SUB, 1 DEC | loss: 1 KO / TKO, 0 SUB, 0 DEC
height: 6’4 “| reach: 78 inches | stance: Orthodox Church
Important strikes landed per minute: 4.04 | Hitting accuracy: 51%
Strike absorbed per minute: 3.10 | Impressive defense: 36%
Takedown average: 0.00 (0% accuracy) | Takedown defense: 75%
Current ranking: No. 3 | Last battle: Defeat Junior Dos Santos with a technical knockout

Cyril “Bongamine” Garne

Record: 7-0 | age: 30 | Betting line: -265
to win: 3 KO / TKO, 3 SUB, 1 DEC | loss: 0 KO / TKO, 0 SUB, 0 DEC
height: 6’4 “| reach: 81 inches | stance: Orthodox Church
Important strikes landed per minute: 5.61 | Hitting accuracy: 54%
Strike absorbed per minute: 1.95 | Impressive defense: 73%
Takedown average: 1.08 (60% accuracy) | Takedown defense: 100%
Current ranking: No. 7 | Last battle: Defeat Junior Dos Santos with a technical knockout

Given what he’s done at the UFC, it’s a bit shocking to see heavyweight up-and-coming Ciryl Gane jumping into such a big betting favorite … to be honest, not so much. Not many. I know his finish on Junior dos Santos has been talked about, but let’s face it. “Cigano” has lost four consecutive knockouts and is no longer in the top ten in the category. “Good kid” in French) has never defeated anyone in the top 15 other than Dos Santos, but remains in 7th place in seven professional matches. Gane certainly has the physique of a heavyweight giant, and it’s foolish to overlook his performance against Rafael Pessoa and Dontail Maze. I think this fight will help you determine if it was justified.

Like Gane, I think we can make a similar critique of Jairzinho Rosenstrique, who did some impressive things in the £ 265 category against unimpressive competition. “Visiboy” also knocked out the worn-out Dos Santos and pulled Hale Mary away from Alistair Overeem. Rozenstruik lost the battle before the face of “Demolition Man’s” exploded, so it’s important to consider that in this equation. The defeat to Francis Ngannou is not far from the lazy of Suriname. Let’s face it. The “Predator” is one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet and is ranked number one for that reason. What impressed me was the ability to shelve the highlight reel knockouts when Rozenstruik returned to “Cigano”. This is because in performances like Ngannou’s, fighters are often trapped in the head in the next few battles. ..

Gane didn’t have to go through the gauntlet like Rosenstreek, so it’s unfair to try to guess how he fought against something like Ganou or Overeem. Based on what I’ve seen so far, what I say is that “Bongamin” is a more balanced athlete with a much deeper toolbox. Rozenstruik has never attempted to remove or submit once in six trips to the Octagon, but has been removed four times, twice by Overeem, and twice by Junior Albini. As for Gane, he already had two submissions in his bag, a takedown to Don Tail Maze, 3 to 3. It’s hard to imagine volunteering for a barroom brawl when Gane has a clear advantage in many other areas. Every fight starts at your feet, so there’s no doubt that there’s leather in the air, but unless Rozenstruik can recreate the laughter at Allen Crowder, Gane will bring this fight to the ground. So he expects to do whatever he wants to do.

Prediction: Ganedef. Rozenstruik by technical knockout

£ 205: Magomed Ankalaev vs. Nikita Krylov

Magomed Ankalaev

Record: 14-1 | age: 28 | Betting line: -340
to win: 9 KO / TKO, 0 SUB, 5 DEC | loss: 0 KO / TKO, 1 SUB, 0 DEC
height: 6’3 “| reach: 75 inches | stance: Orthodox Church
Important strikes landed per minute: 3.58 | Hitting accuracy: 56%
Strike absorbed per minute: 1.36 | Impressive defense: 68%
Takedown average: 0.62 (33% accuracy) | Takedown defense: 85%
Current ranking: No. 11 | Last battle: Knockout beats Ion Cuşavael

Nikita “Minor” Krilov

Record: 27-7 | age: 28 | Betting line: +280
to win: 11 KO / TKO, 15 SUB, 1 DEC | loss: 1 KO / TKO, 5 SUB, 1 DEC
height: 6’3 “| reach: 77 inches | stance: Orthodox Church
Important strikes landed per minute: 4.54 | Hitting accuracy: 59%
Strike absorbed per minute: 2.45 | Impressive defense: 41%
Takedown average: 1.40 (38% accuracy) | Takedown defense: 52%
Current ranking: No. 8 | Last battle: Unanimous decision beats Johnnie Walker

The UFC’s light heavyweight division recently said goodbye to long-time champion Jon Jones, and Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson also lost to the heavyweight division before the “Bones” entered. It blew the door of the 205 pound weight class. In my opinion, it’s now fully available regardless of whether Jan Blawowic or Israel Adesanya won the UFC 259 in Las Vegas next month. Names at the top of the list, such as Glover Teixeira and Thiago Santos, are familiar, but Magomed Ankalaev won five times in a row, four of which were knockouts / technical knockouts. The Dagestan phenomenon is still 28, located at number 11 just outside the top 10, which could intersect the performance of a statement to an artist formerly known as “Al Capone.”

Nikita Krylov was one of those hot and cold fighters who showed a flash of splendor and then blasted his way to the cliffs of conflict-just crippled in big places. A good example: The “minor” has won six straight wins in the UFC’s first match and is in the top ten. It was then submitted by Missha Sarknov and completely quit the promotion to test his luck abroad. The final result was four consecutive victories and a callback to the big show. There he was immediately submitted by Jan Blawowic. His latest run in the Octagon is 2-2, and his current ranking of 8 shows how terrible his division will be when he leaves the top five. His recent victory over Johnnie Walker was even more impressive if it happened in two years. Upon returning, Walker learned that he was not the indestructible Brazilian we thought he was.

It’s hard to see this fight, and don’t give Ankalaev an edge based on what he’s seen in his career. At the same time, I don’t want to downplay the level of competition that Krilov faced. To be honest, we are light-years ahead of what Ankalaev saw. I don’t know what the results will be for Glover Teixeira or Jan Blawowic, so I need to add context to multiple knockouts from Bruiser, Dagestan. In addition, the “minor” was stopped only once in his career by a strike, and it came to the heavyweight division on the other side of Australia’s “Hulk” Soa Palelei. Ankalaev by knockout feels like a safe choice here, but Krilov teaches that he avoids fighting cut-rabber-type bars and instead chooses to confuse the £ 205 apple cart with a smooth submission. Will give you. This is what he has already done 15 times in his professional career.

Prediction: Krylovdef.Ankalaev by submission

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UFC Vegas 20 Preview, “Rozenstruik vs Gane” Forecast UFC Vegas 20 Preview, “Rozenstruik vs Gane” Forecast

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