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Our compilation show, along with host Trent Reinsmith, delves into the bigger news and events of MMA inside and outside the cage. Presented with a critical and unbiased eye.

C’MonNow Podcast Host
June M. Williams

Here’s more about what’s happening … “normal”‘C’mon Now MMA Podcast‘Is a daily podcast of various lengths, located at: However, this show is a compilation of some of the best topics covered in daily shows over the past week.

UFC VEGAS 38 Summary:

  • UFC shouldn’t have been involved in NSAC’s instant replay
  • Mark Smith and NSAC need to deal with Egger vs Young outage
  • Why are Cormier and Fitzgerald obsessed with the number of serious strikes?
  • Thiago Santos wants a salary increase, but the UFC doesn’t look good
  • Show / Win payment structure is broken
  • NSAC has a blueprint for creating clear instant replay rules
  • Douglas Ciuba de Andrade was the perfect time
  • Jamie Malakey is worth a look
  • Carol Rosa was impressive
  • Bethe Correia’s career ends on a whim
  • Casey O’Neill looked solid, but it takes time to grow.She is only 23 years old
  • Alexander Hernandez is a more mature fighter and that’s a good thing
  • Kevin Holland vs. Kyle Doukaus was strange
  • Did SBG Ireland help or hurt Johnnie Walker?
  • Did you see the last Thiago Santos in the UFC?

Details of this week’s daily show:

  • Take Michael Bisping.Chael Sonnen and Daniel Cormier have to say about John Jones with a grain of salt
  • Aspen Ladd lost weight, and I have all sorts of problems with what happened after that
  • Even if John Jones avoids alcohol, it is unlikely that he will be able to solve his problems.
  • What help did the UFC provide to Jon Jones?
  • How the UFC can fix weightcuts and why they can’t
  • Is Jake Paul the destructive force of martial arts with his martial arts company? Intriguing.
  • I don’t write anything for clicks-let me explain

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UFC Vegas 35 and Paul vs. Woodley-Best of the Camon Now MMA Podcast-71 UFC Vegas 35 and Paul vs. Woodley-Best of the Camon Now MMA Podcast-71

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