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The Bloody Elbow team UFC Vegas 44, And there is a slight edge towards Rob Font to defeat Jose Aldo at Saturday’s main event. When it comes to the joint main event, Dayne Fox is himself in the long-awaited showdown between two entertaining lightweight strikers, as long as he chooses Brad Riddell over Rafael Fiziev. To see the latest betting lines in these battles Draft Kings Sports Book..

Note: Forecasts are entered throughout the week and collected the day before the event. The explanation behind each pick is not mandatory, and some writers choose not to do so for their own reasons. For example, if Phil Mackenzie entered all the predictions on Wednesday without adding a description, he wouldn’t know if he would be the only one to siding one fighter in a particular battle.

Rob Font vs. Jose Aldo

Mookey Alexander: The font has never been knocked out. I think only Pedro Munhos has hurt him badly. He immediately pulled the guillotine to follow up. Aldo is the best striker he has ever faced, his trademark leg kick (John Lineker laced the font) semi-return, his combination boxing with a left hook to the liver. Provides him a serious test with a deeper commitment to, and his ability to turn defense into an attack. But the concern I have with Aldo is that this is likely to be a mass battle, over five rounds. I could have successfully taken the first two rounds against the font, so if this was only three rounds, I might actually choose Aldo, but that he had declined in both the Hollowway battle and Petruyan. It cannot be ignored. Fonts are neither of these two fighters (at least not what we’ve seen), but if Aldo competes at a pace he can’t sustain, Fonts puts pressure on him and actually works from that jab. You can start. I think Font is getting this in the back end of the contest. Of course, I fully support Aldo. Rob Font by TKO, Round 5.

Zane Simon: By defeating Cody Garbrandt, it’s clear that Rob Font is fit for a type that can beat Jose Aldo, but is he fit for that type? It’s hard to understand. Fonts have range, power, size, and the ability to populate large numbers over multiple rounds. However, he was particularly hampered by the need to make everything work behind the jab, and fighters like Raphael Assuncao and John Lineker who were able to hold back the punch resulted in him more or less out of the fight. I locked it out. Aldo is great at countering jabs and can make Fonts very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, Aldo’s games have other tendencies that are less favorable to him here. First, he seems to have always been injured early in the recent battle. And the second he fades very often and late. Given Font’s insane durability (so far), I think he can claim late for victory, even if he survives a two-round Aldo attack. Rob Font via TKO, Round 4.

Font selection staff: Mookie, Stephie, Zane
Staff choosing Aldo: Dayne, Connor

Brad Riddell vs Rafael Fiziev

Mookey Alexander: I am very uncertain about this battle. Fijiev almost rejects jabs, and I think there are limits to that style at the top of the department. He’s attacking hard and fighting at a tough pace, but it’s not important because he’s significantly tired of Bobby Green. Liddell had to survive an early storm against Drew Dober and then not only defeated him, but also showed off his wrestling. Fijiev’s takedown defense has so far held up, but it shows some interesting wrinkles. I lean on Fijiev and repeat what happened in the Green game a bit, but I’m not shocked if it turns into a Liddell victory that is somewhat similar to Dover’s fight. Still with fireworks, many heavy body shots need to be replaced. Rafael Fiziev by unanimous decision..

Zane Simon: Fijiev always started fast and had problems fading late. Liddell always starts slowly and is an absolute killer on the Closing Ground. It should be a great fight no matter what happens. What I am upset in the direction of Fijiev here is his accuracy and consistency. Liddell has made remarkable comeback performances, many of which are against fighters who are struggling to actually control their pace and aggressive tools. Fijiev may get off to an early start, but he doesn’t tend to put himself in many bad places in the process. If Fijiev can get a really good start with Liddell, it can easily carry him for two rounds before Liddell can find a way to the fight. If so, I have to choose Fijiev to survive and win the points. Rafael Fiziev by decision.

Staff choosing Liddell: Dayne
Staff to choose Fijiev: Mookey, Stephy, Zane, Connor

Clay Guida vs. Leonardo Santos

Mookey Alexander: Apart from the fact that this fight isn’t interesting … that’s it. That is analysis. Leonardo Santos by unanimous decision..

Zane Simon: There are concerns about Santos’s signs that his age is catching up with him, but he still seems to be a cruel puzzle to solve early in the fight. The combination of range kicks, hard counters, and fully locked down submission games makes him a real challenge for a fighter who is clearly not a better striker than him. It’s exactly the kind of combination that led Gida to some of his quickest and brutal submission losses. That said, if Gida can survive a round or so, the recent slowdown in Santos is a source of concern. Still, I feel like I’ve seen this exact loss of Gida just a few times. Leonardo Santos submitted, Round 1.

Staff choosing Gida:
Staff to choose Santos: Mookey, Stephy, Dane, Zane, Connor

Jimmy Crute vs. Jamahal Hill

Mookey Alexander: Hill defeating OSP is probably less important these days and that’s his best win. Paul Craig pushed him straight to the ground, defeating him on strike and destroying his arm. He can certainly give the leg a crout problem, but crout shows that he can crack and imagines that crout will take him down and wrestle before getting a tap. Is difficult. Submitted Jimmy Crute, Round 1..

Zane Simon: If Hill can get Clute stuck behind a jab, he has all the consistency and control to cruise for a decision. However, Clute is an insanely difficult fighter to actually control. Even if his legs were kicked apart, he still defeated Anthony Smith and found a way to wrestle with him for the round. And frankly, the forms of clute punches, wrestling and grappling all seem a bit sharper and finer tuned. He will give up all the bad positions of throwing the ball at the wall every minute, but it really feels like someone really more technical and experienced is needed to get him to pay for it. I’m not sure Hill is the guy. Submitted Jimmy Crute, Round 2.

Staff choosing clutes: Mookie, Stephie, Dayne, Zane, Connor
Staff choosing leeches:

Brendan Allen vs. Chris Curtis

Mookey Alexander: It’s great to see Chris Curtis beat Phil Hoes, but this is a more difficult match for him. Allen is clearly separated by Sean Strickland and continues to grow as a striker, but he has an advantage on the ground and Curtis is not a good defensive wrestler. Curtis is historically very difficult to submit, so I don’t feel the end, but Allen should be able to take full advantage of his size and wrestling for W. Brendan Allen by unanimous decision.

Zane Simon: I love the intro that Curtis went to the UFC. A huge KO as a vulnerable in his debut after years of crushing his ass in the area. That said, there are still many reservations about how well the 5’10 “middleweight with a low power counter punching game in the UFC will work. When those KOs don’t come, Curtis decided in the past. I had a hard time creating a round-winning attack. Allen’s blow is still a bit underway, but his high-powered aggression and tenacity make it one huge to beat him. It means that it was more about winning the war of attrition than taking a shot. I will take Brendan Allen by decision.

Staff to choose Allen: Mookey, Stephy, Dane, Connor, Zane
Staff choosing Curtis:

Brian Barbarina vs. Darian Week

Mookey Alexander: It’s hard for Darian to take on such a veteran a few weeks ago … Brian Barbarina by unanimous decision.

Zane Simon: First of all, boo this guy. Then I admit, I’m not selling much more here in Barberena than I expected. His final battle with Jason Witt was pretty miserable. And he found a way to the fight in the third round behind the trademark grit and determination, but he was injured too often on his way there. The version of Burberryna, which is not just dropped, but is dropped regularly, will make it much harder to be the man returning for victory. And while Weeks is raw, he looks like a very natural and powerful athlete with some great basic techniques. That said, Weeks isn’t a single-shot finisher throughout his career, giving up a lot of control and dominance when he becomes overly aggressive. Assuming Barberena isn’t KO’d fast, I pull Weeks into the deep sea and choose him to win. But I would have been more confident a year or two ago. Brian Barbarina by decision.

Staff to choose Barberena: Mookie, Stephie, Dayne, Connor, Zane
Staff Picking Week:

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UFC Vegas 44: Font vs. Aldo Staff Selection and Prediction UFC Vegas 44: Font vs. Aldo Staff Selection and Prediction

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