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It was a UFC whirlwind week in Abu Dhabi, ending with Conor McGregor, the biggest MMA star in history, heading the UFC 257 with Dustin Poirier. That’s enough for fans to pay for the hard-earned money, but there are some other fun fights on the main card. In particular, the UFC debut of three-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler. Many (including myself) enjoyed watching him make his debut at the Fight Night Card’s five-round main event, but were fooled by Dan Hooker, who welcomed him at the PPV co-main event. Not at all. It’s worth noting that Amanda Rivas is also on the card. You may not know her now, but the UFC is betting that you’ll be good enough soon.

Dan Hooker vs Michael Chandler, Lightweight

The former Bellator champion who switched to the UFC has so far been a mixed bag. Eddie Alvarez managed to win a lightweight title and Alexander Volkov was a top heavyweight, but Will Brooks while Hector Lombard and Ben Askren were in the twilight of their careers before they went their way. Brooks was washed away pretty quickly. Chandler has been at or near the top of Bellator’s lightweight division for 10 years, so it’s plausible that he too was too late for his legacy. I’m trying to find out.

Chandler still seems to be a strong athlete. His wrestling has always been the backbone of his attacks, and fans tend to forget, given the impressive number of KOs he produced with his fists. His skill set is very complementary, as many of those KOs can be attributed to their opponents being wary of his takedown. Although he has improved his ability to combine combinations, he is still a very powerful single striker in his mind.

Dan Hooker is a fairly technical striker, both a few inches high and reach, so Chandler is guaranteed to remind everyone of the wrestler’s wonders. Of course, Hooker is also an inferior athlete, so that doesn’t mean Chandler can’t be successful on foot. But it would be foolish for Chandler to stay outside and allow Hooker to use his length. Clinching closer is a dangerous suggestion, and Hooker is a devastating striker with his knees and elbows close together. In fact, kiwis are so opportunistic in that sense that it’s not out of place to see Chandler eating some knees trying to beat Hooker.

Hooker’s opportunism extends to the ability to steal guillotine chokes. This is something I’ve done several times in UFC games. It may give Chandler something special to think about … and he already has a lot to think about. Chandler has never faced a terrible striker in Hooker’s mold and it will be interesting to see how he reacts. Of course, Hooker has never faced an athlete wrestler with a Chandler caliber, and Al Iaquinta is the closest comparison. Chandler’s chin is not unbreakable either. Hookers are likely to win this in the finish or volume, but Chandler’s path to victory is centered on control. Take a chance with a hooker. Hooker by decision

Jessica Eye vs Joanne Calderwood, female flyweight

Whether fair or unfair, Ai has been the butt of quite a few jokes throughout her MMA career. From the early marijuana blunders of her UFC career to the occasional quirky personality, fans found her crap. When Valentina Shevchenko KOed her with one of the most brutal head kicks in recent memory, it only added fuel to the fire. Something those fans don’t understand: the eyes are actually pretty terrible good fighters.

Indeed, she ran terribly in the bantamweight division, reaching 1-5, 1NC. Of course, she was fighting the division, and a fast rundown reveals that everything remained at 135 except for one of her opponents, even after the flyweight division opened. Size is as important as people like to discount it. Moreover, when Ai fought, there was no other suitable candidate to fight Shevchenko. But Eye’s biggest problem has always been her headspace. When she’s on, she has solid footwork, a stable jab and is putting together a good combination. Weight class decline also added a new level of effectiveness to her wrestling, as she was no longer a small fighter. The problem is often when she eats a clean shot or is taken down for a long time and controlled. She has shown more mental resilience in the last few years, but she can still crack.

Calderwood isn’t a stranger himself asking questions about mental vulnerabilities, but at least has the advantage that the MMA community is making her shine. Calderwood entered the division from the opposite direction of Ai and climbed from the straw weight. She looked much more energetic and didn’t have to cut an extra £ 10. It allowed Scott to bend her boxing muscles while maintaining her known dangerous clinch attack, abandoning it and bouncing it in and out of her pocket. Add more her volume with a low kick barrage when she is outside. Of course, Calderwood has been wrestling with bigger fighters – Jennifer Maia robbed her of the title shot in her submission – but Ai doesn’t come across as dangerous in that sense.

Much of Ai’s success comes down to her being a faster and more active fighter. She’s not going to count on it because Calderwood pushed a ridiculous pace as she made the flyweight her permanent home. It’s not a crazy idea to see her win, as Ai is a better wrestler and could be a more technical boxer. However, you can see that JoJo’s volume increases, even if a significant portion of JoJo is not always meaningful. In addition, Ai is solving a serious medical problem that may have killed her. I don’t know if she is in the right headspace. I’m going with Dr. Niville. Calderwood by decision

Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Rivas, Women’s Straw Weights

The UFC thinks they have something special in Rivas. The brave Brazilian shows infectious enthusiasm inside and outside the cage and keeps her from liking her. But in fight games, you need more than a fun personality to make a star. Based on the early return of Rivas’ four UFC contests, she has the physical tools to become that star. It’s hard to challenge the UFC that Rivas with the right push and the right marketing is on the road to stardom.

Rivas was definitely a plus athlete and was apparent from the moment the UFC signed her. Given that she is overwhelmingly less competitive on the Brazilian circuit, it wasn’t very clear what her skill level was. So far, these skills are very abundant. Her jabs have proven to be very effective, and the use of Angle believes in her youth. Her wrestling was a problem, but it has proven to be effective so far, despite opposition to the competition against questionable takedown defenses.

Regardless of how effective Rivas wrestling really is, it will be a step back from what Rodriguez has been facing lately. The Brazilians lost their first career as Carla Esparza and Cynthia Calviro were able to consistently beat her, failing to win the last two contests. It does not mean that Rodriguez has a cheesy takedown defense. It’s actually solid. It’s undoubtedly her inconsistent ability to get back to her feet and making her opponents better in stand-up comedy in every contest.

Rodriguez is one of the most technical strikers in the division and has proven to be voluminous at incredible speeds. Unfortunately, her power is not consistently manifesting, creating a tremendous lack of moments. This may be the reason why she was unable to shake the judge with a recent very thin decision. As for Rivas, she has an active ground game and is impressed with her power. I think the contest will be very thin as Rivas makes the decision thanks to his preference for flash. Rivas by decision

  • Matt Frebora Uncle Dana tends to represent everything he loves in a fighter plane. He is aggressive, willing to eat a shot or two to provide his attack and is always looking for a finish. For the sake of fairness, the explanation better illustrates that Frebora, who entered the UFC a few years ago, has added more subtle nuances since then. That’s what happens when you’re knocked out a minute after your UFC debut. The nuances make Frebora much better, manipulating the inside and outside of the pocket, and working effectively in all areas of the body, mixing a stable diet of takedowns.Since then he has to fight with great interest in defense Ottoman Azeital Through KO I was able to finish both of his UFC contests in less than a round. Of course, it leaves a lot of doubts about how well his wrestling translates to this level. That’s because it’s a backup plan if he proves he can’t excite his opponent early on. He’s only three times away from the opening round, so it’s no wonder how deep his petrol tank is. Even if he wins those battles-he’s undefeated-it doesn’t seem like he did against the proven competition. Atzeital can end Frebora’s night early, especially if he drags Frebora into the old quarrel path. But if the contest expands beyond the opening frame, it’s hard to see Frebora dropping it. Frebora by decision

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UFC257 Diggin’Deep: Poirier vs. McGregor-Main Card Preview UFC257 Diggin’Deep: Poirier vs. McGregor-Main Card Preview

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