UFC4 patch 9.0 available-patch notes

EA Sports UFC 4 patch 9.0 has arrived, adding two new license fighters, Kevin Holland and Vincente Luque. The new updates also include several gameplay updates and an improved matchmaking system.

Please check Patch notes less than.

Major update

  • Added two new fighters, Kevin Holland and Vicente Luke
  • Added timed delay to matchmaking when users do not end online matches repeatedly

Gameplay updates

  • Clinchneys now receive boosts when knee boosts are active in their careers
  • Fixed an issue with certain diving punch knee animations for belly entries

Community feedback

  • Michael Chandler nickname updated to “Iron” Michael Chandler
  • Osotogari is no longer available in Created Fighters
  • Slipping strike slowed down while shaking
  • Greatly increased the effectiveness of Grapple Advantage on takedowns
  • Reduced reject windows for low single takedowns
  • Rejection of takedowns now emits 20% more permanent stamina from attackers
  • Fixed an animation issue with early rejection of one leg in an open stance
  • Added damage to the following slams:
    • Kimbo Slam (turn right from one leg of the cage)
    • Double leg slam from cage single leg (turn left from cage single leg)
    • Cage body lock slam (turn left from cage double leg)
  • Slowed forward switch kick
  • Knee and front kicks on the body can no longer be avoided due to head movements
  • Slowed down the back posture fake and made the animation easier to read
  • Slowed down the leadover hand combo
  • The special counter from the side saddle to the north and south required a big advantage of stamina.
  • Fixed a jab issue – bodyside kick combos do not work in “mixed movements”, such as advancing one strike and stationary another.
  • Fixed a simple “freeze” animation issue when trying to walk or sway after slipping straight
  • Significantly slowed jabs – hand plant kick combo

The team also posted Dive deeper into the UFC4 damage model, To better understand what’s happening behind the scenes. The blog has lots of details about basic damage, damage range, damage correction, and more.

From the perspective of both competitiveness balance and actual reliability, we have done a lot of work over the years to get the impact of the strike right. We try to explain all the factors that contribute to the amount of damage a strike does when connecting to an opponent. Most of these are very intuitive and make sense when playing, but many community members have expressed a desire to know exactly what’s going on inside. Why is the same strike hit harder than in other cases? Also, how hard can you be hit?

UFC4 patch 9.0 available-patch notes

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