UFO information must be disclosed within 180 days, according to the new Covid bailout bill

180 days UFO Disclosure began when President Donald Trump signed the latest COVID-19 Stimulation Bill. At the end of the countdown, the Pentagon and other espionage agencies will have to reveal to the American people that they all know about UFOs. Apparently, this provision was not covered in the bill of about 6,000 words. Instead, it was added as a “committee comment” attached to the Annual Intelligence Act. In addition to inspiration, UFOs, and other information, the bill also announces that illegal streaming for commercial gain will be a felony.

Donald Trump Signs $ 2.3 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulation Bill Late Sunday, it will benefit cinemas, the entertainment industry, small businesses, and US citizens. That’s all definitely good news, but people are starting to get excited about UFO disclosure news. The Senate Intelligence Committee, run by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, said in a comment: [director of national intelligence]In consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies … Within 180 days from the date of enactment of the law, submit a report to Parliament’s intelligence and military committees on unidentified aerial phenomena. “

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The· Senate Information Committee Also, all “unidentified observed aerial objects” are “a. Geospatial intelligence, b. Signal intelligence, c. Human intelligence, and d. Detailed unidentified phenomenological data collected by measurements and signals.” Intelligence also states that it needs to be included in the analysis. In addition, the report says “[a] A detailed analysis of FBI data obtained from an investigation into unidentified aerial phenomenon data intrusion into restricted US airspace … and this unidentified aerial phenomenon activity could be attributed to one or more foreign enemies. Evaluation of whether there is. In other words, the American people seem to be trying to learn more about what the US government knows about UFOs.

In April of this year, the Pentagon officially released three Navy video using UFO Introduced in them. The video was previously released by former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy. The academy has been fighting for years for the government to publish information about UFOs and aliens. Chris Melon, a former Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, said: “The newly enacted Intelligence Authorization Act incorporates the Senate Information Commission’s reporting language for all unclassified sources of information on UAP phenomena. This was achieved in a joint briefing statement. Accompany”

Chris Melon added, “The concerns of the public and many U.S. military personnel have been ignored by the self-satisfied national security bureaucracy for so long that the new administration will strictly enforce its oversight privileges. I’m hoping for that. ” The news came after Professor Heim Eshed claimed that the US government had been in contact with aliens for decades. According to Eshed, aliens do not yet think that humanity is ready for their great exposure, Trump Allegedly, I was ready to tell the world about them earlier this year. Maybe the COVID-19 Stimulation Bill will provide alien evidence in its UFO report, we just have to wait and see. New York post It was one of the first outlets to report on UFO clauses in the latest COVID-19 Stimulation Bill.

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UFO information must be disclosed within 180 days, according to the new Covid bailout bill

https://movieweb.com/ufo-disclosure-countdown-covid-bill/ UFO information must be disclosed within 180 days, according to the new Covid bailout bill

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