UK mobile game soaring users pay to win

A large mobile game survey by Toluna, a high-tech company operating in the field of market research, surveyed 1,060 mobile gamers or people interested in mobile games between the ages of 16 and 45 in the UK.

Main survey results

Games have increased significantly last year, and British people are spending more time playing mobile games.

  • Fifty-three percent of respondents spend more time playing video games on their smartphones than they did 12 months ago.
  • 52% play more games on video consoles and 50% play more games on handheld game consoles
  • 45% of people use more tablets to play mobile games

Most often, smartphone and video game console users and mobile gamers spend 80 minutes a day playing games over their mobile devices.

The reputation of mobile game publishers has a significant impact on our decision to buy games, with 60% of people deciding to buy mobile games based on the brand and status associated with this brand. The most popular mobile games to play in the UK are:

  • Puzzle (49%)
  • Trivia quizzes and word-based games (35%)
  • Action game (35%)
  • Simulation and management games (31%)
  • Strategy game (31%)

Game monetization

65% of respondents believe that perceptions of how fair mobile publishers are in terms of monetization can have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

I agree that there are companies that make money from mobile games through in-app purchases and advertising, but I’m not completely happy with how they do this.

  • More than a quarter (27%) are dissatisfied with the cost of game transparency
  • 48% dislike the use of screen hijacking ads used by game companies for monetization reasons
  • 20% are not satisfied with the value of money that mobile games offer
  • Some of us (15%) find it difficult to find the type of mobile game they want to play, and 13% are dissatisfied with the quality of the games offered.

Nonetheless, 64% of those surveyed agreed that monetization of mobile games with ads and free downloads without in-app purchases was acceptable and fair.

56% agreed that it would be acceptable to use traditional paid downloads (without in-app purchases), while 41% would reasonably use a game that combines in-app purchases and paid downloads as a model. I said there is.

For subscription games, 45% agree that a subscription model that allows them to download the game will be accepted. This is similar to the percentage of people (46%) who agreed that it was fair to use a subscription-based model that could stream games.

Pay to win vs play to win

Almost half (43%) of respondents purchased in-app mobile games last year, averaging twice a week.

  • Almost half (49%) of those surveyed spent money to buy additional currency in-game
  • 41% of gamers spend money on purchasing additional life and health related products
  • 34% of users paid to customize the game to personalize their characters and surroundings
  • Almost one-third (32%) spent money on purchasing additional equipment, resources, or extensions to enhance their gaming strategy.
  • For example, 30% spent money buying themselves to the next level of the game or unlocking the map.

When asked what they think about spending money to win the game, one in five (19%) agrees that it is acceptable to pay to secure additional lives, 18% root I thought it was acceptable to pay for the box and 17% thought I would buy additional XP or the buff was acceptable. Twenty-two percent agreed that they were willing to pay to purchase the additional equipment and resources needed to win the game. More and more people think it’s acceptable to buy items that don’t affect their ability to win (25% think it’s acceptable to buy skins and cosmetics, 26% buy additional levels / DLC I thought it was acceptable).

When asked if they have a real preference for winning or winning with a particular game item skill, if more than a quarter can spend money on customizing the game (26%) and purchasing levels , Answered that they would pay rather than win using their skills. Map or other content to play (26%). 24% prefer to buy additional equipment to win, and 21% prefer to buy additional life rather than relying on skills to win the game.

Downloaded games and streaming games

There are signs that mobile streaming can affect current monetization models, but it’s a pretty niche right now, with subscriptions to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (the service with the highest user base, according to research). Only 19% of mobile gamers claim. An additional 18% said they would subscribe. Of those who know streaming services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Google Stadia, and GeForce Now, 35% said they prefer streaming to downloaded games, and 29% said they would use downloaded games. They say they like it, and 37% both are equally attractive. Of those who like streaming, when asked why, 42% think streaming services are better for games, 40% think streaming is worth the money, and 36% think games. I thought it was the future of.

However, there are currently barriers to streaming adoption, with 41% of respondents saying they tend to avoid subscription-based models that allow streaming, and 56% of respondents who prefer downloaded games. When asked why, he said it wasn’t. It’s like paying for a game subscription. Quality is also a concern, with 35% saying they are worried about streaming quality as a reason to prefer downloaded games.

Jonathan Shingler, research director at Toluna’s company Harris Interactive, said:

“Mobile games have exploded in the last 12 months as people across the UK spend more time at home and more on mobile technologies, especially smartphones and video consoles. When it comes to in-app mobile games, it’s clear that people are ready to pay to win, and I feel there’s room for monetization by game publishers, but to a certain extent, subscription-based. It doesn’t seem to be on sale for mobile game models yet. I downloaded it rather than a streaming game because some people admit that it’s better to pay to win the game than to use the skill to win the game. Games are much preferred. “

Toluna is the parent company of Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData. Together, we strive to drive market research for a better tomorrow.

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Mobile gaming skyrockets in UK as users pay to win

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