UK Rainbow Sixe Sports Announces Calendar Supporting Special Effects

Ubisoft Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six celebrates its greatest personality with the 2021 calendar Esports to support charity Special effects..

The calendar will be available for purchase on the Fresh Merch Site for £ 9.99 and will be donated in full to the Special Effect.

Special effects Is an award-winning charity and uses its expertise to improve the quality of life for people of all ages with serious physical problems as a result of disability, trauma and debilitating illness. Their multi-professional team provides expert evaluation, equipment rental and support wherever you need it, such as in hospitals, rehab centers or homes.

Special effects It also advises software and hardware developers on how to make technology accessible to everyone, helping to transform the lives of thousands of people with disabilities around the world.

The calendar contains some of the outstanding talents from across the UK and Ireland. Players Doki, Leon, and Kendrew will appear alongside casters Dezachu, Geo, Captain Fluke, and Ace of Pyrite. Internationally renowned coaches Shas and GiG are also similar to the initiative, along with analyst Fresh.

Artists SAU-SIEGE, Ellie Chapman, Chaotic Spirit, Hanjosi and Emma Park celebrate their talented personality-inspired art and become an important part of the British Rainbow Six community. I will.

To purchase the calendar, go to

For more information on UK Ireland Nationals, please visit UKIN.GG.

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