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this is Ulster Elite Championship The night of the final.

Twenty-six fighters compete for 13 titles over what promises to be an action-packed night at the Girwood Community Hub.

The final pairing is as follows:

48kg: C Fleck (Canal) v N Clyde (Untrim) [female]

48kg: R Nesbitt (St. John Bosco, Newly) v P Downey (St. John Bosco) [male]

51kg: P McShane (Letterkenny) v C Biggar (Cookstown)[male]

52kg: S McKenna (Holy Family) v C McKenna (Omo Road) [Female]

54kg: C McComiskey (Gilford) v N Meli (Immaculata) [Female]

57kg: J Gallagher (2 castles) v C car (Monkstown) [Male]

60kg: Broadhurst (St. Brona) v C Gargan (St. George) [Female]

60kg: D Bradley (Emerald) v R Ravery (Holy Family) [Male]

63.5kg: J McGivern (St George’s) v A Malanaphy (Erne) [Male]

67kg: C Jennings (Holy Family) v E McKee Bar (St. Marathies, Newly) [Male]

71kg J Void (Grian) v E Onuka (All Saints) [Male]

80kg: R Kinney (Scorpion) v G French (Emerald) [Male]

92kg: C Boyle (Monktown) vs S McMullan (New Inton) [Male]


50kg: C Flyer (Immaculata); 54kg: J O’Neill (Corpus Christi); 57kg: M Walsh (Monkstown); 66kg: E Nugent (Immaculata); 70kg: R Doherty (Star); 86kg: K Tucker (Emerald) )

Quarter finals

60kg: D Bradley (Emerald) defeated T Arin (Cookstown) 3-2.

63.5kg: J McGivern (St. George’s) beat J McConnell (Holy Trinity) 3-2.


48kg: P Downey (St. John Bosco) was given without a vote over D Toland (Holy Family)

75kg: J Tucker (emerald) beat S Flynn (cavan) 5-0

75kg: L Weston (Ardin) defeats J Hamilton (Kean Lodge) with a stop

92 + kg: T Morgan (Cavan) beat W McCartan (Gilford) 5-0

92 + kg A Travers (Carrickmore) beat D Bolliskins (Sacred Heart, Newly) 5-0


Ulster Elite Semifinal

60kg: D Bradley (Emerald) beat Lis Owens (Erne) 5-0.

60kg R Lavery defeats T McCann RSC3

63.5kg: J McGiburn (St. George’s) beat R Gould (Monkstown) 5-0

63’5kg Maranafi (Erne) beat L McKee (Star) 3-2

67kg: C Jennings (Holy Family) defeats G Arthurs (Grian) RSC2

67kg: E McKeeber (St. Marathies, Newly) defeats M McCall (Iries) 3-2

Photo Credit Mark Marlow Ulster Boxing.

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Ulster Final Lineup-Irish Boxing Ulster Final Lineup-Irish Boxing

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