Ultimate Fishing Simulator PS5, PS4 Review-Not So Ultimate

Some sports do not convert well to the video game format. Unfortunately, fishing is not a great sport on which the game is based, like Tiddly Winks, darts and handball. Ultimate Fishing Simulator does nothing to change my mind about it. In fact, it solidifies that idea very firmly. This is not a great game. angle..

First of all, it looks terrible even on the PS5. It’s not a pretty game at all and it looks like you’re at home on a PS2 instead of a PS4 or PS5. The geometry of the game environment is very basic and the details are minimal. I know I’m not supposed to stare at a tree, but I liked it, at least to some extent if it seemed to work. In fact, the same is true for many of the game’s graphics, except for the character’s hands, rods, and, of course, the fish they catch.

The first impression is poor, as it’s all very basic and the first thing players notice in a game is often the visuals. In fact, it starts before you throw a line into the water that looks weird – the splash screen and logo are also sub-HD resolutions, and my expectations were even lower before entering the main game.

But anything. I have played a great game with bad graphics before. We all (Hello, PS1) has a, graphics does not make the game. Gameplay is paramount and I think Ultimate Fishing Simulator will provide it, depending on who you are. If you’re me and don’t think fishing is that thrilling – I’m not vegan or anything. When I was a kid, I had a lot of cool toys, so I didn’t have to feed enough. When you’re wandering around in nature, you’ll find it quite boring.

The beauty of fishing (or I’ve heard of it) lies in relaxation. You want to sit by a river or lake, throw a stick, and sit with a beer, and a poor animal puts a nice big hook on his mouth. In this game and other fishing games you don’t really get it. There is no ambient experience to enjoy. Take the controller and pick a spot or take a boat to a nice spot, then cast a line and wait for the controller to ring a bit. This indicates that Papafish will not go home for dinner tonight. That’s the majority of it, and for me it’s not enough. I know-there’s nothing else you can really do to make a realistic fishing game exciting for a guy who grew up in Die Hard, Smarties, PlayStation, and that’s fine. I accept it.

For those who don’t have nice toys or a decent meal by mom, you’ll probably find something you like. I’m not a fishing expert and I can only name three sharks, dolphins and nemo. However, I feel that the one labeled “Simulator” has the depth to expect.

You can level up by collecting experience points through fishing exploits. You can sell your winnings and earn cash. You can also upgrade your equipment with all kinds of rods, weights, baits, lures and whatever fishermen want to spend. In fact, the new area is trapped behind levels and money, so you have to do all of the above to make progress. You have to buy a license to fish in the new area, and that’s probably another reason I don’t fish – I’ll lose that license within a day.

Is the Ultimate Fishing Simulator the ultimate as it claims? No, it’s not a long way. I think the core mechanics are what you would expect from a fishing game, but the rest, with the exception of music, are poor shovelware-level people. The music is amazingly good, but this is not a music game. I can’t imagine fishing with a local fisherman while ringing the background tune of 5MinuteCrafts. But I might try it for laughter …

Ultimate Fishing Simulator PS5, PS4 Review

  • Overall-bad- 4/10



There is nothing really “ultimate” in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator. To be honest, fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 will be more fun.


  • The music is pretty catchy
  • Fishing fan May I find something here, but it’s still a stretch


  • Very poor graphics (don’t be fooled by PR screenshots)
  • Gameplay is boring (but fishing is also boring …)

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

Review using PS5, PS4 Pro.

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Review: Ultimate Fishing Simulator – PS5, PS4

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