Ultra Wide Monitor Trading is the true winner of Black Friday 2020

More than half of Black Friday is over in the UK. Looking back at the ocean of discounted PC components cleaned over the last 7 days (weeks or years?), It’s definitely the best deal. Definitely reserved for those after the ultra-wide gaming monitor. That doesn’t mean that this year’s regular 16: 9 monitors (especially Samsung’s stunning Odyssey G7 and LG’s G-Sync compatible UltraGear 27GL850-B) are trading for a moment, but not so many. Ultra wide camps definitely offer the best discounts. This wasn’t the perfect time to dive into the amazing world of ultra-wide PC games. If you also want to join a super wide club, these are the best deals you’ll see all week long.

Samsung monitors generally record big streak wins on this Black Friday, so it’s no wonder that three of my top picks come from them. They do account for the majority of Black Friday’s best game monitor deals this year, and some models are cheaper as early as last Friday. Indeed, all of their best deals are on ultra-ultra-wide 32: 9 displays, CHG90, CRG9, and Odyssey G9 (listed below).

Samsung CHG90 Deals:

Samsung CRG9 Deals:

Samsung Odyssey G9 Deals:

These are all the same monitor iterations, but each one has been significantly improved in the end. The CHG90 was launched in 2018 and was one of Samsung’s first (and very good) attempts at a 32: 9 display, but the 2019 CRG9 completed it with a resolution of 3840×1080 (effectively). I increased it to two 27 inches, the same number of pixels as 1080p). Change the monitor) to 5120 x 1440 (same as two 27 in 1440p monitors) for enhanced HDR support. The new Odyssey G9, on the other hand, shares almost the same DNA as the CRG9, but with a refresh rate increased from 120Hz to 240Hz, making it one of Nvidia’s officially certified G-Sync compatible monitors.

These are all great screens, but at this year’s Black Friday sale, both the CHG90 and CRG9 have fallen to less than $ 800 / £ 900, and the Odyssey G9 isn’t too late at £ 1080. The latter is still quite expensive as ultra-wide monitors advance, but it’s certainly much more affordable than when it first went on sale. The CRG9 in particular is only good for my eyes as it’s not too different in price from some of the traditional 21: 9 ultra-wide displays I’m about to list.

To be sure, Samsung’s extravagant 32: 9 display isn’t the only savings this year. In the UK, Acer’s Predator Z35p also had some good deals this week, dropping to a new low of £ 610 on Amazon, and Dell’s Alienware AW3420DW saw discounts on both sides of the Atlantic and dropped to £ 829 in the UK. It was. $ 830 in the US. LG’s ultra-wide monitors also had a lot of good discounts. In the UK, it was the ultra-large and ultra-luxury UltraGear 38GL950G-B that reduced £ 300 from its regular price, but in the United States, the much more affordable UltraGear 34GK950F-B was the biggest highlight.

My Black Friday game monitor trading hub also has a lot of much wider deals.In short, this year there was an unprecedented choice for ultra-wide hunters (perhaps we’re working from home now and everyone is finally hooked on the fact that ultra-wide monitors are ideal for work. May be because And (Playing games), and I really hope this trend will continue next year. Ultra-wide monitors are best, especially if the number of PC games that support 21: 9 and 32: 9 aspect ratios continues to grow. In other words, look. Look at this beautiful and beautiful nonsense.

I rest my case.

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The real winners of this year’s Black Friday sale are the ultrawide monitor deals

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