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Dustin Johnson writes that he was sensational in leading the US Ryder Cup victory at Whistling Straits. Gary Remke..

After drinking two festive drinks of vodka and ice, beer and champagne (not all in the same glass), the DJ was ready to enter the house. To continue the party. one Seeing Dustin Johnson’s mood in the media gathered, he asked if he could still party with his young teammates.

Beside and behind him were 11 compatriots who brought the Ryder Cup, golf’s most important silverware, back to the American coast.They did so Overwhelming fashion, dominated Europe from the first morning, ending the 19-9 victory. One of those players was four-Time major champion Brooks Koepka.

He tilted his head back and smiled overlooking Justin Thomas.He saw I used to know what was coming on this side of the DJ. “Absolutely effective. Next question,’ Johnson replied.

Instantly the world saw the other side of Johnson, with the former world No. 1 Two major champions.Suddenly in all In our “Dream Walk” scenario, we scraped one player to make room for DJs. And it will include holes 1-18, and the 19th hole.

Johnson has been explained for too long As one-dimensional and boring.

USA Today Declared in 2019:’DJ has a legendary career and has won at least one tournament in the last 12 years. He can hit a 400-yard drive and also dominate with a wedge in his hand. He can win the majors, he has six WGC titles after Tiger Woods. Oh, he’s engaged to Paulina Gretzky.

“Still somehow, nevertheless, DJ is one of the most boring and dominant players ever playing sports. Why can he do that? That’s what he himself is on the course. It’s all about how to carry. He generally has The energy of a person sitting alone A licensing department with no phones or books to look at.

When Johnson won FedEx in 2018 Golf Channel Justin Ray, whose St. Jude Classic is promoted to number one in the world, tweeted:’There are now 30 players to win 18 PGA Tour events, including majors since the world. World War II is over.Of those 30, 28 are in the hall Fame and the other two are Tiger and Dustin Johnson.

The report of victory came in this line:’When Johnson shrugged and gave, he barely broke his smile and his steps. His brother Austin, who is also his caddy, A small fist bump. “

Sports IllustratedPete Thamel once wrote in an interview with Johnson: I wrote it down on a white piece of paper Sitting in front of him. They include family, simple life, and dedication.Between spit Of the dip, he confidently offers his line.

Golf Channel Vince Cellini once asked Johnson what became a media stock distribution when talking to sports stars. The question is, “What was happening to your mind at that time?”Probably the most A memorable reply to it came from an Englishman Motorcycle legend Barry Sheene He was asked for it by the BBC in the 1970s. “If you’re moving fast enough, your ass,” he counterattacked.

Johnson’s reply wasn’t that dramatic when asked what would happen to his mind as he moved shots. “That’s a good question,” he said. Hopefully it’s not really doing anything. When I’m actually hitting, I’m not thinking about anything. But I haven’t really thought about it. “

Then, cruelly, Cellini wrote: ‘Dustin Johnson is a golf gronck, not a busy idea with that nogin. I have no head or headache. “

His coach, Claude Harmon III, had a different opinion. “His attitude is the best in the game with Jack Tiger, you guys I have the best heart in the history of golf. “

Harmon’s father, Butch, said:’DJs are as sly as foxes.Hearing his interview, he doesn’t give you much – Many “yes” or “no” answers. It is done deliberately so that he does not have to do many interviews. He is so smart. “

After playing with Johnson in the first two rounds of the 2020 Masters, where Johnson won five shots, Rory McIlroy described the American approach as follows:See putt, hole putt Next. (By the way, that’s a good thing.)

Dr. Bob Rotella, a renowned sports psychologist, said: Especially in golf, too many thoughts can be paralyzed.Dustin has great abilities Very interested in what he is doing But it underreacts to everything.He never panic. Nothing seems to bother him. “

(That’s also good.)

“When he hits one underwater or out of bounds, I later ask him if he wants to hit the ball, and he says, he didn’t get that bad hit today.” Claude Harmon told the media earlier this year. “He shot beyond the par and said,” Today I made one bad swing, but I also made a lot of good swings. “Most players, badly, all to their score. I’m catching up. Dustin can get it out of his thoughts.

And whatever you might think of Johnson, he’s the one who has the last smile.This was another Ryder Cup he. At the age of 37, he was the oldest member of a 12-member US team with an average age of 29. That alone should scare European captains before the 2023 event at Marco Simone Golf. A country club on the outskirts of Rome.They are Americans, who won eight of the top ten golfers in the men’s world rankings at the end of September, are beginning to dominate the sport.

Johnson who liked the mix After the official drink and Mike’s The proceedings ended at Whistling Straits and volunteered for insight into the US approach to Sunday’s singles. He said he asked Scottie Scheffler to defeat John Lam, Europe’s number one in the world. It was a good job for the rookie to win 4 and 3. While he’s talking, DJ’s best friend Koepka smiles again.It’s Johnson so talked to a series of burning competitions Belly in stark contrast to perception his. Imagine Johnson, a US team talk before Sunday. Older politician – Schaeffler goes out there and motivates you to beat the best in the world.

Johnson himself had a fire all week long, with Arnold Palmer and Gardner Dickinson (both). 1967), Larry Nelson (1979), Francesco Molinari (2018)

“This is the first team I was the oldest,” he said. “On the other teams, I felt like a young guy. A little different dynamic. From the week, if I said I was going 5-0-0, I would probably say you were crazy. I would say I didn’t think I was going to play 5 games.

“We had a lot of young guys, but they all played well in such big moments and tournaments, so they didn’t feel like they were. They’re like newcomers. I didn’t play for. As Xander Schauffele and we all say all week, one thing we all have in common is that we don’t want to lose. That’s what we do. It’s a gathering way, and we all played like it. “

Indeed, the momentum really looks Be with the United States as all roads lead to Rome in 2023.

In the last world ranking The top two non-Americans in September were Ram and Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa. Non-Americans aged 11 to 20 are Mexicans, Japanese, Norwegians, Northern Irish, and Englishman. In fact, in the top 20, there were only four Ryder Cup Europeans and three international golfers eligible for the Presidents Cup.

It’s hard to see the gaps in this American armor. Collin Morikawa is already two major champions at the age of 24. Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau, Jordan Spieth also won the majors, and 20th place Patrick Reed also won. I overlooked Whistling Straits.

It’s scary to think that the average age of these dozens of Americans is under 30 Thought for their Ryder Cup and President Cup your opponent in the near future.

“I woke up, and I was trying to tell everyone” I’m about to reach 20 points, “” Patrick Cantlay said on Sunday night. “Because this is the next era of riders. Cup team on the US side.We have a lot The young guys and I think they’ve been on the team for a long time, so I wanted to send a message. “

In addition to the oldest player who set an example, DeChambeau is also a hot topic in sports. He turned 28 in September and is one of the walking signs of the sport who witnessed a tee-up at the World Long Drive Championship after astonishing fans with Whistling Straits.

This is not just about driving You can put the dough as well as the show.

In the first hole of Sunday’s single, 373 yard par 4, 2020 US open Champion drives the green – front edge 340 yards away – Leave a 41-foot putt for the eagle. DeChambeau put the putter in the air and got off the tea box. He drained Pat.

Then you had the brilliance of Spieth. He has won three major champions at the age of only 28, but hasn’t won a major since the 2017 British Open. His flop shot on the 17th hole of par 3 on Friday afternoon was as exaggerated as DeChambeau driving the first green on Sunday.

“I hit 52 degrees because 60 might have crossed the back of my head, and you know, just flick it underneath and I’m as high as possible and as strong as possible “I tried to hit,” Spieth said of him, a magical moment from the thick grass of the hills on the green side. “It’s kind of those shots you practice as a kid for fun and you don’t want to have it in the end. And the possibility of going there is to roll a thousand balls from the green. And it won’t stay in its original place. “

Riders were in the early days The cup, it pointed to what was unfolding. An unstoppable Jaguar notebook that tramples on all European ambitions. And before that, there was a guy who couldn’t fly the game like never before. That’s true, except when he drank a few cups.

Statistics telling a story

  • Dustin Johnson became the fifth Ryder Cup player 5-0-0.
  • This is the first time that the United States has won the championship twice in a row in Japan since 1983.
  • Six American rookies 14-4-3, including Collin Morikawa (3-0-1), Patrick Cantlay (3-0-1) and Scottie Scheffler (2-0-1). Achieved the record of. ..
  • Nine of the twelve Americans had a winning record. Those who did not: Jordan Spieth (1-2-1), Harris English (1-2-0), Tony Finau (1-2-0).
  • The 19-9 victory was the largest victory margin in the modern history of the event. This is the third Ryder Cup victory (3-7) for Americans of the century and the second in many home ground attempts.
  • For the first time in modern history, Americans passed the Ryder Cup without losing one session.

– This article was first published in the November 2021 issue. Complete golfer magazine. Subscribe here!

– GOLF Sports

Unable to flap, Johnson laughed at the end after the dream Ryder Cup ran. Unable to flap, Johnson laughed at the end after the dream Ryder Cup ran.

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