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“If the coach was in the corner-Rocky Gonzales had to leave for a professional commitment-I think I was able to beat him. He’s a power puncher now, but I fought him That’s not the case. He has a belt and hopes to fight him someday. He wants to fight the top dog. “

In Ortiz’s final amateur battle, he won a 2-1 decision against pro-ranked former NABF super-featherweight champion Abraham “El Super” Nova (19-0, 14 KO), New England Golden. Won the Globe Champion.

“After that, we did sparring,” Ortiz said. “We often go to the gym of his trainer (Hector Belmudes) in Boston and do a good job.”

The other two undefeated modern pros, who were also the prominent pro prospects of Ortiz’s defeat in amateurs, were former NABF ultra-lightweight Luis Feliciano (14-0, 8 KO) and yet another Brooklyn native, ultra-lightweight Richardson. This is Hitchins (12-0, 5 KO). .. Against Feliciano, Ortiz defeated Hitchins 2-1 in the Olympic qualifying, winning 3-0 in the 2012 US Olympic Trial.

“The battle of Feliciano was pretty easy for me,” Ortiz said. “I’m not surprised at his success as a pro because he was a recognized amateur in Team USA. The Hitchins fight was fierce and I thought he probably won.”

Two amateur defeats against undefeated up-and-coming prostars, welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis (26-0, 24 KO) and bantamweight Gary Antuanne Russell (18-0, 12 KO), as prize fighters. It only increased the potential of Ortiz. Both battles won 3-0 for Russell in the semi-finals of Ennis and the Olympic trials in Olympic qualifying.

“I fought Ennis in my hometown of Philadelphia, but he beat me,” Ortiz commented. “He turned pro and started knocking out everyone, but he didn’t stop me. I’ve never seen Russell fight pro.”

Ortiz is promoted by Classic Entertainment and Sports (CES). “I’ve been in this business for a long time and have partnered with thousands of athletes,” said Jimmy Burchfield, Sr., CES Founder / CEO. Is commenting. “Jamain has it all! He’s the perfect gentleman who has all types of experience for virtually all types of boxers. Anyone who really understands boxing is special. You can see the difference. He reminds me a little of Sugar Ray Leonard and looks like Oscar De La Hoya. He’s the whole package with everything he needs to be a world champion.

“I love working with his teams Rocky Gonzales and Carlos Garcia. They’re all combined. Team Ortiz is great for working together and Jamain is believed before him. I think you have an unbelievable career. 21st century athletes, like strength and conditioning coaches and nutritionists, need more than ever. Have it for Garcia.

Ortiz understands that there is a world of difference between amateurs and professionals. “Style makes a fight, and professional boxing and amateur boxing are different,” he said. “I didn’t wear headgear in the Olympic trials, but no one stopped me. Many of the people I fought in amateurs gained professional power and no longer seem to be fighting as lightweight (Lopez). except for).”

24-year-old Ortiz is a World Boxing Council World Youth and USNBC (US) Silver Lightweight Champion. His inventory has skyrocketed since the spectacular performance at Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. PPV last November. In this performance, Ortiz stopped Slyman Segawa (13-2-1, 4 KO) in the seventh round of the hottest battle.
“I’m back in the gym and I’m sharp and in good shape,” Ortiz concludes. “I’m working hard no matter what happens.”

Birchfield said: “Since his great performance at Tyson Jones PPV, we have received him all sorts of good offers. Jamain Ortiz is a future boxing star.”

Ortiz’s special gift was developed by amateurs fighting opponents such as Lopez, Berlanga and Ennis. Currently, he is making waves in the professional rank, ranked 5th in the North American Boxing Federation (NABF), and is cracking the world of WBC No. 28 lightweight rating.

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Undefeated Jamain “Engineer” Ortiz broke amateur rank against Edgar Berlanga, Teofimo Lopez and Geron Ennis Undefeated Jamain “Engineer” Ortiz broke amateur rank against Edgar Berlanga, Teofimo Lopez and Geron Ennis

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