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Isa Dalipaj Never dreamed of becoming a professional fighter, but thanks to a bit of inspiration from former CFFC lightweight champion Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov, he’s now a highly advertised featherweight outlook.

“When I moved to the United States in 2014, I went to high school for wrestling,” said Daripaj. “That’s the way I started. I used to play soccer in my country, but I didn’t have any martial arts training there. Wrestling here in high school was free. So , My senior year, I joined it, and that’s the way I started.

“From there, my recent teammate Zulkarnaiin Kamtibekov came to high school and was training in wrestling. After graduation, there was only a high school for wrestling, so there was no place to train. Looking at a picture of Zulk training somewhere, EEFC, now known as Marquez MMA, just went there to give it a try. “

An Albanian transplant, Dalipaj fell in love with MMA. He fought his first amateur fight in 2018 and eventually turned professional in late 2020, putting his pursuit of a dental career on hold and pursuing a new passion. Now 26, Dalipaji is helping to pay invoices as a plumber while looking for a way to become MMA’s largest organization.

“One of the reasons I quit school was if I wasn’t 100% devoted to MMA, when I was in my thirties and beyond,” If you continued training? Where am I? “Daripaji said. .. “So I just quit school and tried to spend a little more time fighting.

“That is, I want to spend 100% of my time on it, but at the moment I’m trying to keep up with invoices and everything else. So I’m still doing mixed martial arts, but in the future I’m I hope to reach the highest level after taking 90% of my time into martial arts. “

Just as Dalipaji is excited to reach the UFC, he claims he’s not trying to skip steps along the way. After winning all the first three profiles in the knockout, he knows he’s likely, but he also believes that experience is the key to lasting success.

“My goal is to get the big guys who want to get ready if they have a chance to go to a show bigger than the UFC or CFFC,” said Dalipaji. “I don’t want to go there and I don’t want to do what I want. As you know, I’m still learning and empirically quite fresh in the cage. But yeah, the plan is , Have a few more fights, feel more comfortable in the cage, and get ready to go to a bigger show later. “

Dodge Challenger (3-0) is trying to improve his undefeated record when he faces recent featherweight title challenger Jose Perez (4-1) on Saturday. CFFC 102Will be livestreaming on UFC Fight Pass from Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena as part of the Cage Fury Fighting Championships dual event weekend, which will also feature FURY Professional Grappling 2 on Friday.

Dalipaj is familiar with the enemy as each player has made his fourth professional appearance under the CFFC flag, but said he is trying not to spend too much time focusing on his opponent’s strengths. ..

“Everyone is good, but after all, it’s a fight,” Dalipaj said. “In battle, I don’t really get into watching tapes because you really don’t know. You might expect someone to do something specific, and they switch their entire game. Then your entire plan will fail, so I’ll just go fight there. No matter what he brings, I’m trying to get the answer. “

In just 14 months as a pro, Dalipaj is already in the spotlight and seems to have a skill set that can take him far in sports. But a humble outlook argues that the extra time only allows him to improve more, and he is fully prepared when he receives a call to the MMA’s biggest stage. I am planning to do that.

“I’m not in a hurry,” said Dalipaj. “I hope everything comes in time. After you go to a bigger show, you’re only one with someone who has far more experience than I have. I know what I’m doing, so that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to: a veteran who gains more experience and prepares more. “

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Undefeated Prospect Isa Dalipaj is not afraid to go on a difficult road Undefeated Prospect Isa Dalipaj is not afraid to go on a difficult road

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