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Frank Lampard favored the Chelsea side, allowing the “character” to bounce off poorly shaped spells after losing 3-1 to Manchester.

Chelsea started brightest and enjoyed a dominant opening in the 15th minute, but then Manchester city At last they established a foothold in the game and they quickly moved forward. Ilkay Gundoan placed a smart swivel on the edge of the box to create his own space and fired low past Edouard Mendy towards the bottom corner.

The city doubled the lead immediately after three minutes, Phil Foden Chelsea After the ball got bigger, I kept running towards the backline and nearpost. It returned to the unmarked England national team, went home with his left foot and struck Frank Lampard’s side quickly in succession with both barrels.

Thirteen minutes later, three minutes later, Chelsea failed to make the most of his aggressive free kick, causing Raheem Sterling to escape and appear to have run out of chance after England was pushed forward, so his curling. Efforts are back to Kevin De Bruyne’s pass, who left the post and sent a rebound behind the net.

According to stats in the second half, Chelsea was dominant, but no doubt it was Citi who had good control. They sat down, waited for something that felt like an inevitable mistake, and then aimed for a break.

However, Chelsea virtually pulled back the goal on the final kick of the game, and Kai Havertz’s low cross met Callum Hudson Odoy in the back post, eventually lagging behind City’s defense. ..

Frank Lampard then admitted that his side was handed a “serious lesson” from the city side, who sometimes looked back on their best.

“For 10 minutes we were good, then they started playing and admitted two bad goals in a row in the game,” he said. Sky sports.. “It knocked us and we didn’t react well, we allowed space for Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundoan for the first goal. The first half was a serious lesson , The second half was a good character, but then the game was over.

“A month ago everyone said they could win the league, but I was pretty confident about the rebuilding. [transfer] A young man who says there will be a period of ban and pain we were trying to experience. When the team gave you a problem, it had to be dealt with, but we didn’t. “

Chelsea scored only 4 points from the last 6 games Premier League The game, Boxing Day Arsenal’s hands run including another disastrous performance and a loss of 3-1.

However, Lampard, who is somewhat bullish, argued that his side had a “personality” to turn the present shape around, and admitted that his side was “in a short period of time.”

“It’s not the same feeling. The first half against Arsenal was lethargic, but today Citi showed true personality and control of the ball. That was when you were tested and I think they are good. So I’m not relying on young people – Billy Gilmour and Callum Hudson Odoy had his goals. In a short period of time, there are five or six games we’ve been struggling with. Returning to City and Liverpool during the period, there are periods of pain that must be overcome.

“I sat there lately and raised the trophy at the end of the year. At that time, we were in the dressing room and every soccer player had such a time, so we bounced off. Other teams Some other defeats for were painful. Must be on the chin, this is football.

“We have a personality. We are undefeated in 16 games. A month ago, people asked where this would go and when to sign a new contract, but now they say the opposite. Today I see myself first, but I know where we are and what the city needs to unleash today’s level. Knocking is normal But now it’s a test. “

Chelsea are preparing for a rare week before playing Morecambe in the third round of the FA Cup on January 10.

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Under pressure, Lampard favors Chelsea’s “character” and overcomes 3-1 Manchester’s post-war poor form Under pressure, Lampard favors Chelsea’s “character” and overcomes 3-1 Manchester’s post-war poor form

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