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Fans are treated in one final Subterranean submission The event on December 30th. The BetDSI people have just released the odds of the card. That’s why we decided to dig deeper into the odds and forecasts for Submission Underground 20.

Mason Fowler (-500) vs. Ryan Bader (+350)

Mason Fowler He has recently won some very impressive wins, including his win to win the championship. Craig Jones..Recently he was defeated Satoshi Ishii so August 19.. He played safely in these matches, as his opponents were similarly dangerous and won overtime.Look for this match against Ryan Bader Very similar. Birder wrestlers try to stay in the top position, and we will see time decline rapidly and overtime come to us. After all, Fowler holds the title around his waist.

Forecast: Fowler 2 overtime through neck crank

Craig Jones (-700) vs. Satoshi Ishii (+450)

Both men have stopped performing at SUG19.Craig Jones wins naked strangulation victory Brent Primus And, as mentioned above, Ishii lost to Fowler at the main event at night. Two very different styles that clash in this match. Jones always attacks, and perhaps Ishii tries to evade Jones’ offering. But this time I’m seeing Australia catching another submission in regulation.

Prediction: Jones via regulated inner heel hook

Ritchie Martinez (-260) vs. Seabee Dollar Way (+210)

Is this a “style-matching” type of match? I do not think so.But i think Seabee Dollar Way +210 can surprise many people. He has strength and his MMA grit is behind him.Do you see him always working on dangerous things Ritchie Martinez?? No. This match is almost 100% overtime, so if you have a prop bet for it, take it. Then he sees Ritchie winning one of two ways, so he throws a coin.

Prediction: Martinez with the fastest escape time in overtime

Gillian Robertson (-155) vs. Pearl Gonzalez (+125)

Normal, Subterranean submission Place an MMA fighter against BJJ competitors. However, in this case, two UFC fighters will play against each other. Gillian Robertson I have experience with SUG cages and I like it, Pearl Gonzalez Don’t count her as it’s always awkward and crap. In their MMA outings, Robertson has won six submissions and Gonzales has won five submissions.

Prediction: Gonzales with the fastest escape time in overtime

Hunter Corbin (-125) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (-105)

Hunter Corbin Asked for the main card and asked again Gabriel Gonzaga — He has fulfilled both wishes.Gonzaga once UFC rankingHowever, in the last few years we have been more focused on fighting.He is the larger of the two athletes, but Corbin was impressed with his latest athlete. SUG Matched in October and took again Tye Ruotolo Work overtime at Combat Jiu-Jitsu World 2020.

Prediction: Corbin with the fastest escape time in overtime

Andy Valera (-190) vs. Ben Egli (+150)

Andy Valera Looks like a star at SUG 19 Chris Rencioni.. His opponent, Ben Egli Lost to Richie Martinez at SUG17. Both men are always looking for submissions, and both are so aggressive that either one can catch something. This is one match I don’t spend money on, but I make predictions.

Forecast: Barrera by rear-naked choke in regulation

Benji Silva (-190) vs. Mika Brake Field (+150)

This will be the debut of Benji Silva In the Submission Underground, he will face one of the most decorated fighters to decorate Portland’s cage. Mika brake field.. Anything is possible once’Mitey’is in the SUG cage, so expect it unexpectedly. Silva is Fowler’s primary training partner, so he comes to prove his worth.

Prediction: Brake field through regulation inner heel hook

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Kristen Mikkelson (-115) vs. Rita Gribben (-115)

Juan Bernardo (-195) vs. Alex Ramie (+155)

Charlie Gilpin (-205) vs. John Simon (+165)

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Underground submission 20 odds and forecast Underground submission 20 odds and forecast

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