Underrated Keanu Reeves movie dominates Netflix again

Keanu Reeves May have made box office revenues in two beloved movie franchises, including matrix And that John wick It’s a series, but it wasn’t long ago that critics and fans considered one of his projects to be mediocre.

One of them is definitely Street Kings.. The film, which also features Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Common, and Terry Crews, is about veteran LAPD officer Tom Ludlow (Leaves) losing his wife in a meaningless world after drinking too much alcohol. I am following how I continue to be sad. While mourning his wife’s death, Radrow is considered a suspect, and fellow police officers are killed after evidence links him to a crime. This is happening throughout the movie, so Radrow is wondering where everyone’s loyalty lies.

Street Kings

Crime dramas were well received at the box office when they were released in 2008, earning $ 66.5 million worldwide, but Netflix breathed new life into the film. It is currently one of the top 20 movies in the world in streaming apps. According to Flix Patrol.. Three years after the movie was shown in the theater, ” Street Kings 2: Motor City Released in 2011 for direct video.

Street Kings I’m currently streaming on Netflix.

Underrated Keanu Reeves movie dominates Netflix again

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/an-underrated-keanu-reeves-movie-is-dominating-netflix-again/ Underrated Keanu Reeves movie dominates Netflix again

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