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A new course “Understanding Structured Data” training course has been added to the Yoast SEO Academy! Do you want to investigate structured data in detail? Then this course is for you. Completing this course will give you a detailed understanding of the concepts and terminology associated with structured data. And by implementing this knowledge, you can get rich results that look great.

Learn how to stand out in search results

Structured data is growing. For almost every search query, Google now displays rich, nice-looking results along with regular snippets. These rich results not only draw attention because they look good, but also provide users with additional information right next to search results, such as images, reviews, and product availability. And these rich results are underpinned by structured data.

View a wealth of recipe result examples, images, reviews, preparation times, and ingredients with structured data

Structured data A way to describe your website to make it easier for search engines to understand.To add structured data, add code to your site (or Use a plugin that does this for you).

If you want to compete with recent search results, you need structured data. This can sound daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start, but we’ll help!

Understand the Structured Data Course

Therefore, we have developed a whole new and detailed course for understanding structured data. This online course uses videos, reading materials, and quizzes to manually guide you through the theory of structured data. Using practical examples, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to understand structured data.

After completing this training course, your structured data will be confidential. You will understand all the important concepts and terms, and you will be able to use this knowledge to improve your chances of getting those coveted rich results. At the end of the course, you will receive a Yoast certificate and badge. These can be viewed on the website.

Take a look at this short video fragment to get an impression of the new Structured Data Understanding course.

Structured data sequel for beginners

The new Understanding Structured Data Training course is a sequel to the previous course and is free. – Course on Structured Data: Structured data for beginner courses.. Over 5,000 users have already taken this course. If you haven’t started this course yet, we recommend that you do.

If you’ve already completed this beginner’s course (well done! 👏), the Structured Data Understanding Training course is the next perfect step to deepen your knowledge. Of course, this course is also useful if you already have a basic knowledge of structured data elsewhere.

How is the course set up?

The four modules are packed with all the knowledge you need to fully understand structured data.

  1. Metadata overview
    First, I’ll introduce the concepts of metadata, markup, and structured data.
    Now let’s take a closer look at describes how your schema is organized so you can find the type you need.
  3. Types of structured data markup
    The third module describes different types of markup. Learn why JSON-LD is the norm and why. It also explains how to read JSON-LD and where to put it in the code on your site.
  4. Schema type
    Finally, I’ll give you a general example of a schema and show you where to look for the type of schema.

How can I access it?

Structured Data Understanding Training Course Online and on demand Of course, like all other Yoast SEO Academy training courses. Therefore, you can learn about structured data anytime, anywhere.

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Understand the Structured Data Course! • Joest Understand the Structured Data Course! • Joest

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