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Since Undertaker was the show’s headdog, it has always been seen as the vitality of people behind the scenes. Undertaker was the voice of reason among all the talents behind the scenes, and when Rene Duprée encountered some pretty disgusting disgust – Undertaker was the one who intervened and advised the young star. bottom. WCW star is leaking allegations of tragic rape.

In the latest episode of that 90’s wrestling podcast, Lenny talked about when he was terribly hazy when he first entered WWE.

He states: It’s a materialistic one that you can replace it, it doesn’t bother me. What I was really curious about was that the next night in Italy when they took my French flag, my heritage, they pushed it into the bathroom and threw it here and there. .. I don’t know what kind of bullish world you live in, but in my world it’s called racism. It really hurt. “

“What I did was go to agent Arn Anderson and ask him. Arn’s advice was,” Don’t sell. ” I seemed okay. The next thing I went to was an undertaker, who said, “What would you do if someone did this to you?” And he says, “I know who is doing it.” He ordered them to do so because I didn’t go out drinking with him and everyone at the bar. “

appreciate Inside the rope..

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Undertaker’s “disgusting” accusations surprise fans Undertaker’s “disgusting” accusations surprise fans

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