Unexpected Causes of Aging and Stress

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and were surprised at how fast your hair wrinkles and the salt in your hair seems to be overtaking pepper? Have you ever felt tired at the end of a less busy day? Did you notice that you hate Monday’s thoughts and are eager to wait every Saturday? If you have, you are not alone. Most of the population in their late 30s and 40s feel stuck in their current jobs, even though they seem to live a successful life.

So you study hard to get a good score, scramble to be in the best company, carefully choose your life partner (or your family helped it), Followed the life script of giving birth to everyone’s expectations and suddenly you have what looks like a happy family, a decent lifestyle, a good designation at work, a monthly salary, and that void you feel in your heart I’m here. That blank is the only thing no one has warned you. Therefore, you are not only in the stage of life where you feel that you are living the dreams of others, but you also experience guilt about being very depressed and dissatisfied.

Recently, watching an interview with world-renowned business consultant and writer Dr. John Demartini, the interviewer asked this wise 66-year-old speaker the secrets of his youth, without blinking his eyelids. I answered like this. It’s the highest value and it keeps my vitality at peak levels. It was a momentary light bulb for me. This highly successful man, who could easily be overlooked at the age of 40, did not talk about his diet, his training plans or his skin care routines when asked about his youth. He talked about his values ​​and priorities instead! He said he lives his life in line with his most important values ​​and spends his time doing what he feels passionate about.

And its absence is the exact hidden cause of aging and stress. When we live in a way that is out of sync with what we value most, we are easily overcome with distractions, boredom, and frustration. We are not playing the “A” game when we are doing something that does not match our values. This leads us to infer our own motives and abilities again. Confidence and enthusiasm avoid us, but we feel fake and suffer from fraudster syndrome. And is that amazing? number! If we don’t do what we value most, we’re fake (unintentionally) and we’re trying to do something that doesn’t really suit who we are!

So are you living a joint life? A measure of whether you are is your level of satisfaction and enthusiasm in your daily life. But don’t despair, even if you don’t live such a real life! Here are five questions you can ask yourself. It will help you get some clarity about what you value most and what your true priorities are.

Be sure to give yourself 30 minutes of distraction to read and ponder these questions This may change the way you look at yourself and your future life. Applying Dr. Demartini’s methodology, there are five questions:

  1. Look at your physical environment at home and observe three things that you tend to surround yourself. You need to select three. Are they your work material? Or is it a poetry book? Or is it a picture of nature? Or is it clothes or accessories? Or is it related to a particular sport? Or a photo of your loved one?
  2. What are the three things that spend most of your time and energy? Is it your training regimen? Or music? Or are you reading about astrology? Or are you watching a program / video on a particular topic? Or are you going out with friends? Or are you checking recipes or cooking something new? Or is it solving people’s problems? Or does it look right? Or is it a financial plan?
  3. What are the three things you spend the most money on? Apart from the basic necessities of life needed to survive, what makes you excited to spend every time you buy money? There may be things you may be reluctantly spending money on, they don’t count.
  4. What are the top three things you think most? Where is your mind floating whenever you are not focused on your assigned task? What is it that spends a lot of time automatically focusing and feeling energized?
  5. What are the areas of your life where you are most disciplined and organized? You may think of yourself as chaotic and chaotic, but there are areas where you are neither. It may be how you organize your work files or how you keep your shoes and clothes or how you plan your holidays or how you organize your meetings. These areas exist and require a little thought to identify.

Answering these questions will show you specific areas / sides that recur. It is important to answer these questions at once, but the actual response will appear over a period of time, so keep reading them and review the questions and answers for days or weeks. The list created this way is your true priority and the one you value most. Consider thinking carefully about those areas, and how you can live according to those values ​​and see your life change better. What are you looking for? let’s start!

I hope you found this article useful. Let us know what you think in the comments below! For more articles like this, check out Healthy Leads or watch the LIVE session by GOQii Play’s emotional wellness expert Divya Thampi.


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