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Most NBA fans know Key statistical categories. These are often led primarily by all-star caliber NBA players who drive the league. Not surprisingly Kevin Durant led the league with 29.7 per game, Chris Paul had the most dimes at 10.1 per game, and Rudy Gobert had the most rebounds at 14.8 per game. That is.

But what about the more specific and almost random NBA statistics? Something that still has some importance in determining player performance this season, and what we might expect from them in the future.

This is four categories led by unobtrusive players, with two young people and two veterans demonstrating their value and improvement throughout the league.

Unexpected NBA player leading the league with random NBA statistics

1. Fourth Quarter Three Point Percentage Leader (at least two quarterly trials and at least 10 game plays) – Immanuel Quickley (46.3%)

Young Knicks guards often spark from Tom Thibodeau’s bench this season, especially in the fourth quarter. His 46.3 percent from Deep helped him fourth on average 5.1 points, accounting for just half of his overall score (10.2 points per game).

The 22-year-old fourth-quarter exploit was fully exhibited at the Houston Rockets last week, scoring 15 of the team’s best 24 points in the final period.

2. Leader with a percentage of 3 points (minimum 2 trials per game, 10 or more game plays) – Zeke Nnaji (51.4%)

From the second year onwards, his chances at the NBA level were limited, but he’s already shot a capable three-pointer. After a healthy 40.7% shot from the depths in 42 games last season, 6-9 Arizona products increased to 51.4% in 2.2 attempts in 17 games this season.

Another lesser-known player, Charlotte’s Cody Martin, is second with 50.7%, averaging 2.3 attempts in 29 games this season.

3. Steel leader per game for players 6-10 years and older (minimum 10 games) – Kelly Olynyk (1.4 per game)

At the age of 30, he played a minimum number of games to qualify, but in fact, it’s no wonder he’s leading this category. Since arriving in Houston last season, Olynyk has taken advantage of additional responsibilities by averaging career highs in all major statistical categories.

The Canadian is now recovering from a left knee sprain, but he could be an interesting trade candidate for a team of competitors.

4. Leader of field goal rate for players under 6-4 years old (at least 10 field goal attempts per game) – Seth Curry (51.6%)

Although not necessarily an unobtrusive player these days, Seth Curry’s continued improvement is still a surprise to many. He currently has the second highest percentage of 3 points in history, as he’s always been a prolific shooter from the depths, but this statistic is a bit shocking.

What has improved is that it is an all-round game with an improved ability to use deep balls. This reached 11.8 field goal attempts per game and a career high of 16.1 points per night.

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Unexpected NBA player leading the league with random NBA statistics Unexpected NBA player leading the league with random NBA statistics

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