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The European Le Mans Series regular Maldonado, a young cousin of a pastor who won one F1 race, made his first start at United’s # 32 Oreca 07 Gibson Lasalt, alongside Nicojaman and Jonathan Abadane.

However, the Venezuelan drivers’ race ended in a catastrophe during the rain shower, skating on the gravel of Dunlop chicane to collect Paul di Resta’s sister # 23 United entries in the sixth hour of the race.

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The race for the # 32 crew ended on the spot, the car # 23 was sent to the pits for repairs, and the hope of winning the class for Di Resta and his teammates Alex Lynn and Wayne Boyd disappeared.

“It’s clearly overwhelmed by how the race ended,” Maldonado commented. “I am very sorry for the team and teammates who have put a lot of effort into this race.

“Before that, it was running well and it looked good as Nico and Jonathan were starting to pass through the puck. I hope I can come back and take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It’s a great event. “

Di Resta, Lynn and Boyd finally recovered and finished fourth in the LMP2 class. The winning team WRT car went down two laps.

“The roller coaster week was a little bit. I had a very strong car and went to the Hyper Pole qualifying. I think this was a big job.

“Then it was obviously a chaotic start in the rain, and it was very disappointing that Manuel made the mistake he made and watered me down and ruined their chances to finish the race.

“I was pretty high at that point and took a very cautious approach from 10am to 6pm, but with the spirit of the fight and the power to return to 4th place. Very well done. It’s a tough job, but it was a disappointing result against the backdrop of last year’s victory. “

Di Resta has been a member of the LMP2 class championship since 2020, and Phil Hanson and Philip Albuquerk are now united with Fabio Scherer, teammate of the regular FIA World Endurance Championship. # 22 I was flying Oreca.

The # 22 machine ran in the top three of its class the night of an alternator problem that took 90 minutes to repair in the garage. end.

Albuquerque said, “It was an unfortunate race. It was hard for everyone when it rained. I managed to survive for a good stint in the dry. Unfortunately, when we were chasing the leader, We had a problem.

“It’s frustrating, but Le Mans is. Without it, I’m sure I would have won the strike. That’s true. I was the winner last year. It wasn’t this year, but I’ll be back. . “

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United’s Maldonado crashes and is “ravaged” United’s Maldonado crashes and is “ravaged”

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