Unity works with Lego to teach the basics of game development

Unity has collaborated with the Lego people on its latest Microgame project, working with the iconic brick building brand to introduce the concept of game development in an easily accessible and fun way.

In a blog post, Unity states that even people with no game development experience should be able to launch and run the game in less than an hour. LEGO Micro Games requires creators to download Unity, from which they will use a series of in-engine tutorials to show you how the game engine works.

After explaining the basics, Unity will allow Microgame users to customize and create their own 3D levels in the editor with downloadable mods that introduce new mechanisms and concepts such as customizable enemies and new characters. It is recommended.

The Microgame project itself is not new. Unity used to use this program as a way to introduce the concept of game development to more users. Similar to the latest LEGO flavored microgames, past versions of the program provide a starting point for fledgling game makers, allowing them to edit their projects with a variety of mods and customizations.

Unity says that incorporating Lego into the mix aims to support some game development concepts compared to what many are already familiar with.

“By combining the well-known Lego elements with Unity’s extensibility and workflow, Lego microgames have become a great way to show how virtual bricks connect like real bricks,” Unity explains. To do. “By simulating the creation of Lego from this physical world to the virtual world, new users will continue to have a growing list of ways to integrate additional features into their games, and they will be immediately relevant and authentic right out of the box. It provides an experience. “

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