University of Roehampton Hosts First-ever Live Esports League

NS University of Roehampton Will host its first ever live event at the eSports Arena on December 4-5, by the BADASS University All Stars League (BUAL), one of the UK’s most popular eSports leagues.

BUAL brings together highly skilled students from 35 British colleges to team up and compete with each other in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, an online tactical shooter video game. The final round of BUAL’s fourth season is a live event at the famous eSports Arena at Lohampton University, featuring 30 high-end gaming PCs with 240Hz eSports monitors, optical keyboards and lightweight mice. increase. Dedicated content creation and streaming room.

The University of Roehampton’s eSports Arena is part of the University’s strong commitment to eSports, including the success of the eSports Scholarship Program launched in 2018. The program enrolls 32 scholars, including Julia Cwierz, Britain’s first female esports scholar.The university was recently launched Game scholarship female, Aims to break the barriers to entry into the gaming industry.

In a world where games are not yet widely respected as a viable career path, BUAL and the University of Roehampton show how games can be enriched at the basic level, both in terms of social ties and career advancement. Shown.

Last year, BUAL showed how to use its passion for games to connect college students across the UK and form a close online community. We have supported more than 100 students with paid experience and training in all areas of esports, including production, casting and observation. The league also provides students with an additional source of income, with BUAL’s highest award for league players totaling £ 1.2k.

Since its inception in November 2020, BUAL has held three seasons, reaching the top 0.25% of Twitch channels, frequently participating in the top five simultaneous Twitch channels of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege games, and each stream at 1.3. We are proud of our enthusiastic viewers. Average time.

BUAL commentator and player Cairo lovingly talks about the community in which the league was formed. By investing organically in the league and working with the best up-and-coming production talents, I have grown as a caster. I saw first-hand the community that BUAL created away from the league. Without the league, most of these people wouldn’t be able to make friends or play with them. It’s completely unique to other leagues and in my opinion it’s the best college league in the UK. “

James Ayers, Sports and Active Community Manager at the University of Roehampton, said:

“We are very pleased to be able to host BUAL’s first live LAN event. The league has provided a valuable gateway for students across the UK to connect and form online with the gaming community. This is the last 18 Of particular importance in the month blockage and social restrictions. Our e-sports arena is tailored for this type of event and is a variety that promises to be an exciting final round of BUAL’s fourth season. We look forward to welcoming a group of great players. “

Dicta, a BUAL player, appreciates the welcome community created by BUAL.

“I’ve been in all three seasons of BUAL right now, and I’ve found it to be a very acceptable environment, both as a general player and as a transgender. In addition, I meet players from other universities. I was able to make friends that I had never met at other colleges. Overall, it was a really fun experience and improved me as a player. Recommended for college Rainbow Six Siege players increase.”

BUAL’s growth is synonymous with the tendency of younger generations in the UK to become accustomed to forming online friendships, and Deloitte recently reported that games are Gen Z’s favorite hobby.

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University of Roehampton to host first-ever live eSports League

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