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Hello everyone! Mr. team play, Hello! We hope you’re on track and excited about the next release of PlayStation 5. Today, we’re happy to talk more about Astro’s Playroom, a game preloaded on all PS5s.

In summary, the game is an action platformer where the galactic hero Astro takes you on an adventure within the PlayStation 5 console. The game was created from scratch as a showcase for DualSense wireless controllers with tactile feedback, adaptive triggers, motion sensors, speakers, microphones and touchpads.

With all these great features, the game allows you to feel all the interactions with the world in ways never before possible. By combining what you see on your screen with what you feel from your DualSense wireless controller, developers are now able to create a wide range of new expressions that truly feel the world.

Back in Team Asobi, I spent years experimenting with DualSense wireless controllers and incorporated some of the best examples into Astro’s playroom to get a taste of how the next generation will feel.

Astro playroom

Through the four worlds and 16 stages that make up the main adventure of Astro’s playroom, Astro encounters power-up suits, each with different abilities. For example, you can use a monkey suit to climb steep walls. You can use motion sensors and adaptive triggers to feel the tension as you clinch each rock to the summit. If you have a weak hand, you need to pull the adaptive trigger lightly to prevent it from shattering under the grip.

Another example: At the SSD speedway stage, Astro boarded a mini-rocket ship and its left and right thrusters are controlled by adaptive triggers. You can feel the force of each jet increase as the pressure applied to each trigger increases. It’s a really new sensation!

Astro playroom

Astro playroom

You can try many other power-ups, such as a rolling ball suit (with tactile feedback, feel A spring suit for activating itself around the platform when loosening and tightening built-in springs using adaptive triggers) (various surfaces that pass through). Astro is packing some weapons to help him in his quest!

Finally, I’m happy to talk about another feature that we are very passionate about. In addition to creating a showcase for dual-sense wireless controllers, Astro’s playroom is also a big celebration of the PlayStation’s 25-year history. The game is packed with compliments and references to the PlayStation Universe.

Explore Astro’s Playroom levels to collect a variety of consoles, controllers, and accessories that you can save and interact with. – A museum-like area within the PlayStation Labo, within the game’s hub world. These artifacts look great in 4K and are packed with details such as connectors, labels and more. You can also find the original serial number. These were very fun to create and really reminded me of my nostalgic memories. There are also 96 puzzle pieces to collect, and collect them to create frescoes for the PlayStation timeline from 1994 to today. There were a lot of Easter eggs in it, so be sure to check it out!

But what about paying homage to the PlayStation without many of our favorite franchise games and heroes? The bot certainly thought so and dressed up for that opportunity! Over 60 cameos are hidden throughout the game, and we know winks on all four generations of PlayStation titles. Swing the camera around and if you find a bot with a blue PlayStation cap, look around. You can always find the famous moments that are being reproduced.

Astro playroom

There are many more secrets in the PlayStation world, but I think you should discover them yourself. Well, the final tip: there’s a special treat waiting for people to complete all four game worlds …

But that’s not all! Once you’ve collected all the artifacts and puzzle pieces in the main campaign, unlock eight all-new Speedrun Challenges based on four game worlds. And these will be online leaderboards, so why not jump online and challenge the world?

Finally, I’m very happy to see that the game comes with a complete trophy set that includes platinum. And I hope some of the trophies we included will make you laugh!

There is! This is an overview of what Astro’s Playroom has when you get your PlayStation 5. TeamAsobi enjoyed the game a lot. It is preloaded on all PS5s. In short, it’s a gift for you, a great PlayStation community. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we wanted to show you our most sincere thanks. Astro will be back in the news shortly. Until then, have a good time on your PS5. Above all, stay warm and safe.

See you, friends!

Astro playroom

Unleash the power of the DualSense wireless controller with Astro’s Playroom

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