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Changes are planned Jeep lineup. Grand Wagoneer concept The debut in September last year gave us a vision close to the production of the upcoming luxury SUV.Spy photo Next Generation Grand Cherokee It also shares many design clues from the Grand Wagoneer. Therefore, it is certainly logical that such a transformation could eventually become a smaller model.

That’s what we have here, with these informal renderings from K Design AG..The· Jeep compass It seems to be the foundation of this rookie baby SUV, which clearly incorporates the Grand Wagoneer grille and headlight design. The lower fascia incorporates a new corner vent with an integrated drive lamp while retaining the large lower grille from the compass.

At the rear, less dramatic than at the front, a similar effect can be seen from the Wagoneer. The taillights are square and more symmetrical compared to the current compass. The lower nose cover is completely different and takes inspiration from the Wagoneer, but with a more symmetrical proportion that does not completely reflect it. Overall, the rendering shows a compact SUV that looks pretty pretty.

The piece has a refreshed Jeep Compass, but it’s not similar to these renders.Not perfect anyway – we I saw a spy shot SUVs that have been updated for some time, and 2022 model announced for China Back in November, it shows a minor external adjustment that overhauled the interior. The headlights shrink a bit, but they don’t go with the grill as shown in these renders. Small changes have also been made to the lower fascia.

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When the compass officially debuts in North America this year, we don’t expect to see any major changes from the Chinese version. In other words, the compass depicted in these renderings will be pushed to the next model cycle. It’s a few years away at the earliest.

Yes, this is an unofficial design, but it’s no wonder Jeep points its little SUV in that direction.

– Motorsports

Unofficial rendering of the Baby Jeep shows a compact Grand Wagoneer style Unofficial rendering of the Baby Jeep shows a compact Grand Wagoneer style

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