Unqualified game chat Ep19. Let’s talk about E3, but let’s talk more about us

Unqualified game chat Ep19. Let’s talk about E3, but more about us | MonsterVine

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This is episode 19 of the unqualified game chat. Noisy Pixel’s Azario Lopez and Monster Vine’s Spencer Legacy are playing the games, hot news, and this time Guilty Gear -Strive- And what is it like to cover E3?

Unqualified Game Chat will be published every Thursday on YouTube and major podcast services. Apple podcast And Spotify.

Based in Canada’s barren Arctic Circle, Spencer is a semi-frozen editor-in-chief who plays video games like obsolete. His favorite genres are JRPGs, fighting games and platformers.


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Unqualified Game Chat Ep 19. Let’s Try to Talk About E3, But More About Us

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