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Blind gameplay

Blind received demo Within the last few days, Switch has had the right gameplay footage.

If you need to review the title, check out the following overview.

After a long war with humans, some of the androids remaining in Arcadia have run out of anima, the energy that gives awareness to all robots.

Alma, it’s up to you to find a way to regain your memory and prevent your friends from losing sight. Explore the vast archeological sites of Arcadia using all the tools you can find. Time is ticking. They need you, Alma.

Main functions

– Explore the interconnected paths of Arcadia to find its shortcuts and secrets.
– Time is always ticking. Don’t run out of your (and someone else’s) anima.
– Solve puzzles and collect new abilities and tools to overcome obstacles.
– A variety of weapons, from melee weapons to ranged weapons, to suit your playstyle.
– Need more stamina? Upgrade yourself with a wide variety of chips.
– Highly reproducible and non-linear, find the fastest route to your goal.
– Collaborative gameplay is available.

See the Unsighted Switch demo gameplay below.

Unsighted will be released to Switch as an e-shop download on September 30th. It supports English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese options.

You can check out the official Unsighted website from Humble Games here..

Unsighted Switch Demo Gameplay-Nintendo Everything

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