Until the dawn developer teases the next game with a dark photo anthology: Ash House

The developers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan have made fun of Until Dawn’s next game, House of Ashes, but it’s getting pretty creepy. Based on a short trailer, the House of Ashes aims for a bit of an Indiana Jones / Uncharted feel.

The first part of the trailer shows two body armor descending into a dusty underground maze that appears to be part of an archaeological excavation. The second part, which continues when the soldier discovers the broken corpse of one of his companions, is clearly the victim of the same monster. As with all Supermassive games, it’s unclear if this monster is a legitimate threat to the character or just part of their broken spirit, but you’ll have to play to find it.

Dark Pictures Anthology is a continuous series of short-form games of Supermassive. As the title suggests, each entry in the series shares a genre metaphor and theme, but they are not necessarily part of the same fictional universe. Similar to Supermassive’s previous games, the House of Ashes has a selection and result mechanism and may focus on playability. Both Supermassive and publisher Bandai Namco state that there are at least eight games in the series.

The latest entry in the anthology, Little Hope, was announced in various reviews in late 2020. In a review of GameSpot’s The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, critic Andrew King said the game “little hope” for the future of the series because the game’s time travel story is too complex and not focused enough. I accused him of giving it. Game character.

“Nevertheless, despite its shortcomings, Little Hope can’t help but remember why I love the take of supermassive modern narrative adventure games,” he wrote. “The studio is good at creating tension with simple gameplay at the push of a button at the right time. Little Hope is the highest level of technology in the studio. The story and character work is characteristically glossy. No, but Little Hope still provides a solid foundation for the future of Super Massive. “

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