Unturned Munches Brains at Open World Zombie Survival on PS4

505 Games and Fun Labs are celebrating the release of Unturned on PS4 and Xbox One, playable on PS5 via backward compatibility, and the release of the Xbox Series X | S as well.

Priced at £ 19.99 / € 24.99 / $ 24.99, Unturned is a budget-friendly release for fans of open-world zombie survival games.So is everyone so

At Unturned, take on the role of a survivor who has fallen into a world full of zombies. To survive, you must work with your friends to form alliances with creatures, search for food, clothing, weapons, and resources to create existence. Creating fortress defenses, as well as leveling up and upgrading your character, is essential to dodging hordes of zombies.

Main functions

  • Large map – Travel land, air and sea to explore up to 8 sandbox maps
  • Craft – Create equipment and structures from collected supplies
  • Power up – Upgrade your skills in three categories: Offense, Defense, and Support
  • Customize – Avatar can be fully cosmetically personalized
  • Multiplayer – Brave zombies and other enemies alone or in teams with friends
  • Split screen – Play locally with friends in split screen mode
  • Competition or ally – Try to form an alliance with another player or participate in all competitions

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Unturned Munches Brains in Open-World Zombie Survival on PS4

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