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Unturned looks like garbage and works badly, but this survival game is real. Many other games challenged players to thrive in a zombie-infested world. So is this worth playing?

Start Unturned by selecting a map. In the game, you can experiment with different large and medium sized maps of different areas. Some are more urban or rural, with cities and farms, or streets and lakes. Maps offer different challenges for your character to overcome, and it’s worth trying a few to find what you like. I played in Washington more than any other state, and the Seattle Space Needle was a nice touch.

With Unturned, you can not only join other players in multiplayer, but also create a server with a small ruleset for you and your friends to play the game together. I couldn’t try multiplayer, but this is an outstanding feature that gives the game some reproducibility.

When playing offline, you can customize levels with difficulty, cheats, and more advanced options to determine the odds of an item spawning and give yourself a good experience. You can also choose a character class that has certain discount skills and can maintain the progress of those particular skills when you die. Thank you for the opportunity to adjust your level and character experience.

The gameplay itself is great, and it will feel familiar to anyone who has played a survival game. Whether you’re starting a new level or respawning after death, your character will have to start from nothing and look for supplies. There are meters to manage your health, stamina, food, water, and infections. When attacked by zombies, the infection level rises.

Zombies come in many forms, and you need to avoid or kill them in order to survive. You can sneak up and reduce noise. If you choose to go loud, firing a gun will take all dead boys to the yard. Melee attacks are also an option, allowing you to quickly move backwards while first seeing which one will die in Slap Fight.

You can gain experience points in other ways, but defeating zombies will give you a little experience points depending on the difficulty of the enemy. This experience can be poured into three different categories, each with sufficient skills. They give you more stamina and speed, slow down food and water losses, cut down trees faster, immunize you, heal bonuses, and give you new craft ideas. It extends to giving.

Crafting is at the heart of the game and we spend a lot of time here. Items such as clothing and metal plates can be disassembled into other crafting materials. By cutting down trees, you can build shelters like small pieces of Lego or barricades to prevent unwanted guests. You can also make weapons and torches with the right materials. The placement of items may be clumsy, but I liked being able to customize my home and grow food.

As mentioned at the beginning, this average survival game has poor performance. The fidelity of the game is so low that Minecraft appears to have AAA visuals. That’s fine, except that the frame rate is low, the pop-in is constant, and a lot of screen tears on top of it. I played on PS4 Pro. The visual aspect should tear without problems.

There were also some control issues while I was playing. During one session, I clicked on the trigger on the remote control and fired the gun, but nothing happened or it could be fired twice. That’s not great when zombies are biting you. I clicked another button to crouch, and maybe nothing happened up to 3 or 4 times. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I thought the game crashed as a sign that I should stop for the day.

Unturned is a decent survival game wrapped in an ugly, non-optimized shell. The ability to create and customize servers is great, but the rest of the game feels like a hassle. Other games in this genre are less problematic and do this better, so it’s a good idea to try one of them instead.

Unturned PS4 Review

  • Overall-bad- 4.5 / 10

4.5 / 10


Unturned is a zombie-themed survival game that can be quite deep if you can overcome some of the game’s problems. Specifically, it doesn’t look good or doesn’t work as expected. Being able to create your own multiplayer server is a great idea, but otherwise it can’t save a mediocre game.


  • Crafting has depth
  • Creating your own multiplayer server is a great addition
  • Diversity of good maps


  • The visual is not good
  • Poor technical performance
  • Controls that sometimes do not respond

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Unturned – PS4

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