Up to 90% Off French Games at GOG This Week

GOG is currently on sale in France, offering up to 90% off games created or published in French studios. Highlights include Arkane’s Dishonored and Prey series, Sloclap’s Absolver, and French publisher Focus Home Interactive’s The Surge. And as always, all games are DRM-free and often rich in additional content such as wallpapers, soundtracks, and manuals. Find your nearest croissant and coffee and take a fancy tour of these Franks.

Let’s start with two games that are 100% off. Syberia and Syberia II are free to use when you sign up for the GOG mailing list. This is like fair trade. Especially if there are too many of them, you can unregister later. In addition to these two titles, there are 241 games on sale, including many games that I didn’t think were made in a French studio.

For example World in Conflict It includes the Complete Edition and is priced at just £ 2.19 in the UK store. Probably because the developer Massive Entertainment is linked to the French giant Ubisoft.Other surprises for me (but not for you) include a phenomenal recent release. City of Anger 4 (£ 13.49), OG Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (£ 2.19) and Dead cells (£ 15.39).

Beyond these, it’s a larger series that will probably get the attention of most people. Disgrace The complete collection is £ 27.59, the perfect price for a great game for two and a half years. Prey You’ll also save £ 15 on Digital Deluxe. Almost all of the Heroes of Might and Magic games seem to be listed here. HOMM3 Completed at £ 2.19 and its recent follow-up, but limb removal fans should check out surge And Surge 2..

Overall, this is a very good choice. Learning how many games are related to France is a fun pastime in itself. If you have any highlights that I haven’t mentioned, please share them in the comments.

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