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UP wants help to combat the 160% surge in theft in Los Angeles

Union Pacific We are pressing local and state officials to help the robbery surge in Los Angeles railroad property. Theft involves an intruder boarding a train and breaking into a freight container.

UP said on Sunday Last month, he asked Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon to rethink local persecution policies to hold intruders accountable.

“Even with these expanded resources and closer partnerships with local law enforcement agencies, the Criminal Justice System in Los Angeles County is returning to the same results. Criminals have been arrested, arrested, and booked. The criminal is released after being handed over to the local government, charged with a local court, reduced to a misdemeanor or misdemeanor, and paid a nominal fine. December 20th letter UP General Director-Signed by Public Relations, Adrian Guerrero.

“These individuals are usually captured and returned to the streets within 24 hours …. In fact, criminals boast to our officers that allegations are limited to simple breach. It doesn’t have serious consequences. Without judicial deterrence and consequences, it’s not surprising that UP has witnessed a significant increase in criminal railroad thefts over the past year, “Gerrero said. I am.

The situation has deteriorated so much that customers such as UPS and FedEx said, “The railroad business in the hope of avoiding the theft of organized and opportunistic crimes that have affected their business and customers. We are trying to divert it to other regions, “says Guerrero.

UP continued in a letter saying that it was “considering a significant change” in its operational plan to avoid Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County has acknowledged that railroads can have a significant impact on local, state, and national supply chain systems.

The railroad company quotes Gascon’s response to the letter as follows: Our office takes Union Pacific concerns seriously and hopes to discuss this issue further in the coming weeks. “

Up (NYSE: UNP) There are 1,600 employees covering 275 miles of railroad tracks at nine railroad facilities throughout Los Angeles County.

In addition to seeking assistance in revising its criminal punishment policy, UP has partnered with and involved criminal activity with other elected leaders and government agencies, including the office of Governor of California Gavin Newsom. Said to suppress.

As part of that, UP is strengthening security forces and working with local law enforcement agencies, and railroads are deploying technologies such as drones, intrusion detection systems, and the use of special fencing. These efforts have resulted in the arrest of hundreds, but according to UP, less than half of the intruders have been booked and some have been released within 24 hours.

Nevertheless Local media coverage Recently, it has been relaying a surge in UP cargo theft, and last fall, a railroad was working on container theft in Southern California. Freight Waves reported.. Slow speeds and extended dwell times as a result of supply chain congestion have contributed to making intermodal trains an attractive target for theft.

UP has increased criminal railroad thefts in Los Angeles County by more than 160%, according to a December letter. In the fall three months of the intermodal peak season, UP said an average of over 90 containers per day were at risk and more than 100 arrests were made between local law enforcement agencies and UP. .. However, of these arrests, UP has not been contacted for any proceedings.

UP estimated in December that criminal activity over the last 12 months totaled approximately $ 5 million in claims, losses, and damages against UP.

“The value does not include each loss to affected customers, nor can we capture the greater operational or commercial impact on the Los Angeles County UP network or supply chain system.” Said Guerrero.

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UP wants help to combat the 160% surge in theft in Los Angeles UP wants help to combat the 160% surge in theft in Los Angeles

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