Upcoming 24 Hours VR Minecraft Marathon for Kids Not Hungry

Members of Mine Craft The community is organizing Twitch to combat the growing problem of food insecurity. wayneradiotv Take control and No hungry children As a beneficiary. This year, one in four children is at risk of facing hunger due to the coronavirus. No hungry childrenA promise that every child in the United States will ensure a healthy diet every day for cause-minded gamers.

From November 23rd to 27th Mine Craft Creators are using Twitch Streams to raise money for No Kid Hungry, culminating in a 24-hour VR marathon. wayneradiotv As an event organizer.

“We are using the survival format” Wayne says. “I have days to strengthen defenses in the world, and at night many lucky community members get into the server and have a chance to hunt me down. I have to be in VR all the time.

“And viewers can change what happens in the game with donations. I love this community, but I don’t expect an easy 24 hours.” Wayne adds with a laugh.

Larger cast of streamers– –A diverse collection of creators from the entire Minecraft community– –In the days leading up to Wayne’s marathon, you’ll play a wide variety of games within Minecraft, from free build modes to community challenges to battle royale. The intent of the event organizers is to give supporters the same creative freedom that has made Minecraft so popular over the years.

Community leaders are also getting a lot of attention, donating an assortment of official Minecraft products and matching donations. There are still contributions, but so far the features of this event are:

  • $ 10,000 donation match from Minecraft’s pro build team Spark Squared
  • A $ 2,000 donation match from Rainway, a game streaming service that gives players the freedom to stream their PC library to selected devices
  • Blockception’s custom “Corey” skin for free for a limited time on the popular Galaxite Minecraft server
  • 20 Minecraft “Survive” Blankets for Donation Incentives from Minecraft Merchandiser Jay Franco
  • Varuna Builds build and map assortment, also a professional Minecraft build team

Viewer wayneradiotv On twitch At 12:00 EST on November 27th to see his marathon.Viewers can also access the event’s Tiltify page View other streams that donate and support your campaign.

If you are a streamer and would like to participate, please send an email to Kayla ( to formally associate the stream with your campaign.

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