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Jon Jones I will issue bail on Saturday and will appear in court on October 26th.

The judge ruled that Jones must submit a “biological specimen” for forensic analysis, according to ESPN’s report.

John Jones adviser Richard Schaefer has issued the following statement to ESPN regarding the accusations against his clients:

“The facts are still evolving. I don’t know the full story yet, so I have a chance to talk to John and I won’t comment until I see how this works.”

MMA News will continue to provide updates on this story as more details become available.


John Jones is again having problems with the law.

Friday, ESPN Reporter Mark Raimondi Dropped the following bomb on the UFC legend Jon Jones.

“John Jones was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department early Friday morning, a police spokesman told ESPN. Jones has been accused of domestic violence and vehicle injuries.”

Of course, John Jones made other breakthroughs in the law during his illustrious UFC career.He was involved Hit-and-run accident involving pregnant women in 2015 That eventually led Jones to vacate the Light Heavyweight Championship.he Last year I was also involved in the drunk driving case In it he reached a judicial deal. He also 2016 drag racing case He was caught in a video that caused a fierce dispute with a police officer while the car was stopped.

This unfortunate news arrives literally hours after Jones said of his plans for the future after his return to the UFC:

“I think that’s something I wasn’t good at in the past,” Jones said. Told reporters during the media scrum About his ability to self-promote. “You see someone like McGregor who just talks a lot of shit and he’s very good at it. He’s very good at it. He’s very good at marketing himself. I always win. And when I come back as heavyweight, I’ll try to do something more legally controversial so that I can sell a little more pay-per-view. “

Jon Jones will appear in the first court on Saturday morning with bail set at $ 8,000. That’s $ 5,000 to charge a vehicle and $ 3,000 to charge a home battery.

We will keep you updated with this update as additional details become available.

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[UPDATED] Jon Jones arrested for domestic violence [UPDATED] Jon Jones arrested for domestic violence

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