Upgraded Nintendo Switch may see some exclusive games, leaker claims

According to known Reset Era leaker Nate Drake, the upgraded Nintendo Switch model, highlighted in recent hardware reports, may contain its own proprietary game.

“There will be some handpicked monopolies, especially from third-party partners,” they said in response to speculation from other users. “It may not be that many, but I know at least one.”

I didn’t go into the details, but the thrust of this rumor is simple. More powerful, and reportedly 4K-enabled Switch models will be able to play games that the original model couldn’t. This rumor should not be treated as the gospel, as the console itself has not yet been announced and there is plenty of room for change and misunderstanding about its features. That said, the idea that Nintendo hardware revisions lead to generational monopoly is not unprecedented.

For example, on the Nintendo 3DS and later New 3DS, we saw some games that belonged to the same console family but didn’t run on their predecessors. For 3DS, this often resulted in 3D graphics integration, but for games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Fire Emblem Warriors (also released on Switch), hardware horsepower was important. For both of these consoles, such monopoly was a virtual console game, though mostly from third-party publishers, if not completely.

At least logically, this is in line with new rumors about the so-called Switch Pro monopoly. The Switch is a relatively underpowered console compared to the base PS4 and Xbox One, which, not to mention the new generation’s successor, makes some of the latest third-party games unavailable. It was. If Nintendo releases a more powerful switch that can actually compete in the 4K domain, or at least work, it will be able to run more third-party games. However, the performance gap between the original switch and the upgraded switch can result in games that can only be played in the new version.

That said, first-party Nintendo games consistently have the lowest common denominator. Check out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, released on both the Wii U and Switch. So, if all this is true, don’t worry about too many Switch Pro exclusives. Also, there’s no need to worry about the big event Nintendo franchise throwing away the original Switch. Nintendo’s splitting of viewers by limiting things like Breath of the Wild 2 to one version of the switch is far from personality and counterproductive. This keeps Switch and Switch Lite owners away. This is inconsistent with Nintendo’s plans to focus on the Switch line over the next few years.

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