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Uppers is a wonderfully goofy side-scrolling action game that combines a fun mechanic with a properly ridiculous anime story for powerful results. It looks a little rough, but there are a lot of things that boy anime fans love here.

Developer: MARVELOUS
Price: $ 30
Platform: PC (reviewed)
Monster Vine comes with a PC code for review

If there’s one thing I like on this planet, it’s a boy anime. Many people fighting each other in different ways only appeal to my most basic desires. upper It’s very attractive. If there was a game that embodied the characteristics of Shonen Anime without being based on it, upper, And God blesses it.

You start the game as two brothers, Ranma and Michiru, who came to the Last Resort Island to pick up the girl. At Last Resort Island, the strength of the fight is to appeal to women. In other words, two companions must quarrel with delinquents of all kinds to be noticed by the girls on the island. Eventually, they will team up with fellow hooligans to climb the island’s ranks with complete determination and training. This is a perfect fit story that encapsulates the best and stupid parts of the boy’s story while blasting all the trope 110%.

Gameplay upper It’s pretty standard for 3D side-scrolling actions, but with a unique twist. In addition to throws and special movements, there are many powerful and light attacks at your disposal. Each stage is littered with female students who support you and make requests to you in battle. One may ask you to throw five enemies, while another may ask you to perform a pole attack using a nearby utility pole. If you meet these conditions, your status will increase when the girl cheers, and you will also receive a love letter from one of the girls. Combat rewards experiments with many combos in the game. Especially in movements like fan service, hitting enemies past these girls will cause the skirt to pop up, unlock the girl’s character’s new panties, and become a panty throttle roulette that provides status buffs while displaying panty shots. be connected. Personally, it’s a little bit, but it’s perfect for the tone of the game.

“”I wouldn’t have it the other way around as it’s ridiculous of all sorts and it sets the upper Away away in a fun way. “”

in progress upper Unlock new characters with their own playstyle. You can use these unlocked characters to combine teams, making it much more fun to get back on stage. You can also appoint a queen to your team. Queen is a female character in the story who accompanies the mission and gives various boosts. You can use the points earned in the mission to dress up your character and queen in various clothes. This adds basic customization to the entire package.

Lots of great fun to enjoy upper, Primarily thanks to the comical attacks and visual effects that occur in if Yakuza From time to time, you can hit your enemies against a basketball hoop, stab them upside down into the ground like a flagpole, or hit your bike easily. Even a normal dash attack can send a weak enemy flying with a flue behind to the comedy result.It’s ridiculous of all sorts and I wouldn’t have it any other way as it sets upper Away away in a fun way.

visually, upper It’s okay. Originally a Vita game, cell-shaded, less detailed models make sense, but they’re still a bit rough. The player and queen models are okay and full of personality, but it seems that enemy models, cheering girls, and many stages mix over time. The music is catchy and energetic, but the voice actors are completely hamee and dramatic.

The last word
Uppers is a fun and desperate fighting game that uses its tones to perfectly capture the charm of the boy anime. It looks a bit rough, but the gameplay is diverse and wacky, so it’s perfect for fans of yakuza and boy games.

MonsterVine Review Score: 4 out of 5 stars – good

Uppers Review – Jumping Shonen

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