Urban Shadows RPG 2nd Edition Appears on Kickstarter

October 30, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Even award-winning games can sometimes use several updates. And that’s what we have here. I’ve acknowledged, Urban Shadows Winning ENnie doesn’t mean the game was perfect, Magpie Games is working hard on the new edition. Kickstarter projects have already funded, including updated rules and new content, and have since funded some. Please look straight ahead.

From the campaign:

In 2014, Magpie Games launched the ENnie Award-winning political urban fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Kickstarter for Urban Shadows, which quickly became one of our flagship titles. For years, fans have praised both a brief description of the game about the Powered by the Apocalypse engine and groundbreaking content about race and urban communities, and Urban Shadows is an urban fantasy gamer and podcaster. , Has become a streamer’s favorite.

More than six years later, we’re back in the dark streets of the city for Urban Shadows: Second Edition, updating the rules, appearances and tools of the game to better support the inspiring story of political city fantasy. I will. With new playbooks, new faction mechanics, and completely revised material from the first edition, Urban Shadows 2E pushes you into unprecedented city dangers and dramas!

The campaign is 10 times more funded with 20 days left.


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