Uri Geller allows Nintendo to re-use Kadabra with Pokemon cards

About 20 years later, illusionist and magician Uri Geller allowed Nintendo to use Kadabra again on Pokemon cards. Perhaps best known for his ability to bend a spoon in his mind, Geller sued Nintendo in 2000 and asked Kadabra for a Pokemon card because Kadabra’s spoon and Japanese name are similar to himself. You can no longer put it in.

In Japan, Abracadabra is written in certain variations, including Kadabra and Kadabra. Both sounds similar to Geller.Approximately 20 years after Kadabra last appeared on Pokemon cards in 2003, he changed his mind.

“I’m really sorry for what I did 20 years ago,” Geller wrote. twitter. “Children and adults will lift the ban. #Kadabra #Pokemon It’s now up to Nintendo to return the card. Probably one of the rarest cards now! Give everyone a lot of energy and love ! “

Talking to TheGamer, Geller expanded his decision, “begging me to allow Nintendo to bring back Kadabra / Yungeller because of the sheer volume of email. […] A letter to the chairman of Nintendo gives permission to restart Uri Geller Kadabra / Kadabra around the world. “

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Geller also said that his letter was received by “two representatives of Nintendo,” so it now seems that it’s up to Nintendo to bring Kadabra back into the Pokemon trading card game.

Given the evolution of Abracadabra from Abracadabra to Abracadabra, it was difficult to avoid this lack of Pokemon. In the past, Pokemon trading card games have given Abra the ability to skip Abracadabra and evolve into Arakazam, offering premium Arakazam cards that do not require prior evolution.

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