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US Congressman Jeff Fortenbury charged with a gift from Shaguri

Nebraska Republican Jerry Fortenberry has been charged with a US investigation into a $ 30,000 campaign donation allegedly received from Lebanese and Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury.

The Shaguri Group co-founder asked whether the 2016 Democratic Hillary Clinton bid for the White House was contaminated by the acceptance of foreign donations by the nonprofit Clinton Foundation, the Obama administration’s secretary of state. Understood the previous controversy about.

It was revealed at the time that Shaguri had donated $ 1 to $ 5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

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According to Bloomberg, 60-year-old Fortenbury, who has been in Congress since 2005, has been charged with lying to a federal investigator investigating illegal contributions to the 2016 campaign. Said the Federal Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles in a statement Tuesday.

According to prosecutors, a foreigner, Shaguri, who is barred from contributing to US elections by federal law, gave $ 30,000 of his money to another individual during a fundraising campaign in Los Angeles. It is said that he arranged for the Fortenberry campaign.

Even before the Justice Department’s announcement, Fortenbury warned members and others that he was about to be prosecuted on YouTube video.

“This is wrong on so many levels,” Fortenberry said. “It’s very painful to be blamed for this, and we’re suffering a lot. We’re going to fight these allegations.”

Under Republican House rules, Fortenberry must leave the Agriculture and Expenditure Commission while facing a felony charge.

Shaguri has signed a postponed prosecution agreement with the US Federal Attorney’s Office in 2019.

According to a statement, he admitted that he had provided about $ 180,000 used to make illegal donations to four different political candidates in US elections.

Shaguri also paid a $ 1.8 million fine and agreed to work with federal authorities.

Shagri Group representatives did not immediately respond to an email asking for comment on Fortenbury’s indictment.

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US Congressman Jeff Fortenbury charged with a gift from Shaguri US Congressman Jeff Fortenbury charged with a gift from Shaguri

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