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US dollar softens after spikes

Trade with the United States was relatively mild Dollar Retreat from highs for more than 2 weeks. Global share rising following the rise on Wall Street on Friday. Following strong progress last week, US Treasuries fell ahead of the long holiday weekend of July 4, putting the European government’s debt under mild pressure.

Nonetheless, the rise in interest rates today is modest compared to the magnitude of the decline since mid-June. The broader downtrend supports some risk sentiment when recession warning signs appear in the left, right, and center. The US economy was plagued by a series of bad news last week.

The Dollar The index traded flat at the end of the day in the currency markets, with the euro and yen remaining strong after a rebound in the second half of Friday. Last week’s euro showed its weakest performance against the dollar as inflation data in the euro area exceeded expectations, raising concerns about stagflation. In addition, Germany has just announced its first trade deficit in 30 years due to rising energy prices and declining exports, which could herald further problems for the euro.

Sterling gained a bit more positions on Monday, surpassing $ 1.21. The biggest beneficiaries were the Australian and New Zealand currencies trying to recover from the two-year lows set on Friday.

The 0.5% rise in the Australian dollar today is primarily due to improved risk sentiment and technical modifications as commodities such as oil and copper continue to be under pressure. The Reserve Bank of Australia plans to raise its cash rate by 50 basis points early Tuesday, and policymakers could boost Australia if they stay hawkish and dispel concerns about recession. ..

The Bank of Japan currently holds half of the Japanese government bonds (government bonds) on the market, showing that aggressive buying to maintain a 0.25% yield cap has already inflated its huge balance sheet. I am.

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US dollar softens after spikes US dollar softens after spikes

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