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Press conference after today’s race Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton When Sergio Perez..

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Q: Lewis, it was very tense for all of us. Red bull Jumped fast, you seemed to remain strong, and you seemed to have the right strategy, but in the end it didn’t work perfectly.
Lewis Hamilton: First of all, congratulations to Max. I did a great job today. It was a very tough race. I got off to a good start. I gave it absolutely everything, but after all, they were dominant this weekend and we really couldn’t ask for more. But a big thank you to my team for the great pit stops and great hard work throughout the weekend. And what a wonderful crowd! It’s a great honor to play in front of you.

Q: This is a very special race and I think it’s the race you wanted to win. Now that you’ve earned bonus points on the fastest lap, let us know how you feel in front of this crowd. It feels like it’s invaded the United States, but it’s pretty special.
LH: Yes, I feel this is our acceptance into the United States. What a place, as I said. It’s a real honor to be here. I hope there will be more races here. I hope the sport will continue to grow as we can see how great our fans are. So I hope to come here more.

Q: Czech Republic, did you seem a little physical today?
Sergio Perez: Oh, I had a lot of trouble. I ran out of water from the first lap. I couldn’t drink at all. In the middle of my second stint, I think it started to get pretty difficult and weakened as you know it. Physically, I think it’s the toughest race ever.

Q: I came in 3rd place. Congratulations. Great points for you, great points for your team. I remember this was your home race before the Mexican Grand Prix.These fans have been rooting for your name, what do you go to tell them
SP: (Spanish) Thank you for your support. To be honest, I didn’t give up because of you! I appreciate it very much.

Q: Congratulations to Max. It was an aggressive strategy, but you made it work.
Max Verstappen: Yeah, of course I lost at the start so I tried to do something else, but the tires around this track were so worn that I went aggressive and I’m not sure if that would work I did, but I enjoyed the last few laps. I’m going through the highway corner a little sideways, but I’m very happy that we’ve done our best.

Q: You may have learned from past mistakes. Amazing victory. Lewis was finally squeezing you.this is Red bullToday is the 200th podium. It’s a very special event, and it’s also a very special event for you. Do you have a message for your fans here? They were great all weekend.
MV: They were incredible. It’s great to be here in the first place, but it’s also great to see so many people around the track, so I hope we can do this for years to come.

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Q: Max, it’s a drive you’ve done brilliantly. Congratulations. How would you rate this race? Is this one of your best?
MV: I was thrilled. I didn’t know how quickly Lewis would catch you, so there was pressure throughout the race. After losing the lead at the start, I became very aggressive at the first stop. Then again during the middle stint, Lewis was within that undercut, so we had to deal with it. We had to go early again. And the last stint is very long, especially in this heat. Yeah, we managed to cling to it at the end and it was enough to push the tires. In 2 laps i Haas Entering the last sector in front of me, he’s in front, especially when the tires are worn, it’s not easy to track. Fortunately, of course, he stayed in front of me and gave me that DRS, so I think whatever I lost was stable thanks to that DRS. The final lap was aimed at the beginning of a good first and second sector, but it wasn’t easy because the tires were really complete. But winning here is incredible.

Q: Max, please tell us a little more about the last few laps. How was it like being cornered?
MV: That is, I think I was in this position before you lead with old tires, or the opposite of where you are hunting. I tried to do everything I could to keep it consistent, trying to find the grip in the tire with as little damage as possible. It wasn’t easy, but I think it was very exciting after all.

Q: That was true, and strategically, was everything calm after the first loss of lead?
MV: Yeah-that is, what can you do? When I tried to get closer, I was able to stay on the DRS, so the pace of the medium tires seemed to be really good. And as soon as I went to the hard tires, it seemed that the pace wasn’t very good. It was a bit of a surprise, but we managed to cling to it, and of course the first stop was very early, but fortunately it worked.

Q: Max, 5 races left, how confident will this victory give you?
MV: This is all about the details, so it doesn’t change much. I always say that, but even if I win, I lose confidence. We are confident that we can do a really good job within the team, but we need to clarify the details and start over in Mexico to get the most out of the entire package.

Q: Lewis, you’ve come to you now and you’ve done well. It was a great fight between yourself and Max. What was inside the cockpit from your point of view?
LH: It was a fun race. We got off to a good start. He seemed quite close on medium tires and apparently they stopped very early and then tried to offset themselves. I wish I had a chance to fight late, but I think the track position was the key today.

Q: How is the pace of the car with medium tires? Max referred to it a while back, he was able to be with you. Do you think you were harder and more competitive?
LH: I think all the tires today were fast throughout the weekend. Just like in other places like Bahrain this year, in the heat, I think the true strength was shining throughout the weekend. So yeah, I did my best with what we had.

Q: Lewis, looking back on Friday’s first practice, both yourself and your teammates Valtteri Bottas, Very, very fast, but seemed to slow down as the weekend progressed.Do you understand where it went Red bull??
LH: No, I think they just got faster. I’m confused.

Q: Czech Republic, well done, this year’s fourth podium. Was it good to be on the podium for two consecutive races?
SP: it was good. I think there are a lot of positive things from the weekend. I think my race was a compromise by riding the tires I had first and the scrubbed medium, but I think it was a big disadvantage given how high the deterioration is today. And after the 20th lap, I had a lot of physical difficulty, so it was not an ideal race. But I think we were able to stay within the undercut area from the leader, and it really caused the undercut, first at Lewis Max. Lewis tried to do the same, but he had to pit in and avoided the best race, so I think it worked in that sense.

Q: Have you ever had this feeling after the Grand Prix in the Czech Republic?
SP: No, it’s my first time. And I hope the last one.

Q: Let’s move on two weeks in advance. Next is the Mexican Grand Prix. What can you do there?
SP: Yeah, I think we have a good package. It gets stronger over there. generally, Red bull Mexico is very strong and I am very much looking forward to it. I sincerely hope that you will be on the podium again.

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US Grand Prix: Post-race press conference US Grand Prix: Post-race press conference

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