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US Treasury yields will be low on Christmas Eve

Treasury yields fell on Thursday’s thin trading and holidays were shortened weekly performance was mixed as investors turned to a bright outlook for next year.

The US bond market closes early at 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and remains closed on Friday to protect Christmas.

What did the Treasury do?

10-year government bond yield

2.2 Basis points down to 0.933%, but interest rates on 2-year bonds

It fell 1.2 basis points to 0.121%. 30-year bond yield

2 Slide the basis point to 1.663.

Yields fell 2.3% for the 10 years of the week and 2.4% for the 30 years. However, long bonds surged 11.4%.

What moved the Treasury?

Washington lawmakers were still fighting over a pandemic bailout package on Monday after President Donald Trump said he wanted to amend the bill to include a more generous direct check to individuals.

Thursday House Republican It blocked a bill proposed by the Democratic Party that would send a $ 2,000 check to individuals as part of the coronavirus financial assistance package.

Negotiator Brexit trade agreement agreed on Thursday Before the deadline of December 31st. The agreement limits long-standing uncertainties about the future of the UK-EU economic relationship after Brexit.

Investors said they were expected to resolve geopolitical concerns and hope that widespread distribution of vaccines would help the US economic recovery.

What did the market participants say?

“The 1% cap on 10-year bonds is the line between fate and the dark crowd, and investors who’grab the yield’for some time, especially as lockdowns are widening in Europe and some Asian countries. May defend during. Mizuho’s Chief Economist in the United States, Stephen Rikiut, said.

US Treasury yields will be low on Christmas Eve US Treasury yields will be low on Christmas Eve

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