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The USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series will race 18 times next year. (Photo of Devin Mayo)

Indianapolis – Next season’s USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series will feature 18 races and 9 California race tracks.

Five of these dates are scheduled for the Ventura Raceway’s seaside oval, and will compete in both the first and last point races of the year on April 3 and October 16, USAC Western States Midgets. Sport doubleheader with.

Midseason dates await the weekend of Ventura on June 26th and the final race of November 26th-27th. The 80th edition of the Turkish Night Grand Prix is ​​both a non-point event for sprint cars and an annual event. Headliner for the 98 lap USACNOS Energy Drink National Midget series.

Petaluma Speedway will host three USAC doubleheaders on May 15, July 31, and October 10, with West Coast Sprint Cars and Western States Midgets teaming up. These are included in a total of 12 pairings throughout the campaign.

The Turea Thunder Bowl Raceway, Merced Speedway and Placerville Speedway are slotted at each venue for the USAC Western States Midget and USAC West Coast Sprint doubles sprints.

Thunder Bowl is April 17th and June 12th, Merced is July 9th and August 7th, Placerville is July 10th and October 9th.

Four more venues will offer USAC West Coast Sprint Car Entertainment once a year next year, including the Keller Auto Speedway at Kings Fairgrounds in Hanford on April 10.

The Santa Maria Raceway will host the Ron Otto Classic on August 28th. Both events will be accompanied by the Midget of the Western Province of USAC.

The Bakersfield weekend first takes place on September 18th at the Bakersfield Speedway and then descends southwest on September 19th the next night. There, the sprint car will move to the dirt track at Khan County Raceway Park.

All but two races during the Turkey Night Grand Prix (16 races in total) will be counted in the 2021 USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series Point Championship.

2021 USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series Schedule

April 3 – Ventura Raceway – Ventura, CA.
April 10 – Kings Fairgrounds Keller Auto Speedway – Hanford, CA.
April 17-Thunder Bowl Raceway-Turea, CA.
May 15-Petaluma Speedway-Petaluma, CA.
June 12-Thunder Bowl Raceway-Turea, CA.
June 26-Ventura Raceway-Ventura, CA.
July 9 – Merced Speedway – Merced, CA.
July 10-Placerville Speedway-Placerville, CA.
July 31-Petaluma Speedway-Petaluma, CA.
August 7 – Merced Speedway – Merced, CA.
August 28 – Santa Maria Raceway – Santa Maria, CA.
September 18 – Bakersfield Speedway – Bakersfield, CA.
September 19 – Dirt Track at Kern County Raceway Park – Bakersfield, CA.
October 9-Placerville Speedway-Placerville, CA.
October 10-Petaluma Speedway-Petaluma, CA
October 16-Ventura Raceway-Ventura, CA.
November 26-Ventura Raceway-Ventura, CA **
November 27 – Ventura Raceway – Ventura, CA **

** – Special events other than points

– Motorsports

USAC West Coast Sprint Calendar has 18 races USAC West Coast Sprint Calendar has 18 races

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