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This year’s USAC Wingless Sprint Oklahoma Schedule features 15 races. (Photo by Danny Clam)

Indianapolis – This season’s USAC Wingless Sprint Oklahoma will host 15 events, with 12-point races and 3 non-point special events in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

The WSO season begins and ends at the same venue, the New Tulsa Speedway in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tour will feature four of the best stops in the series, including the opening round on April 9th, a revisit on May 28th, and the finals. Two confrontations from October 22nd to 23rd.

A familiar visit on the tour – the Red Dirt Raceway in Meeker, Oklahoma – welcomed the two series on April 23 and May 14, with Enid Speedway, a fellow Oklahoma track, on April 24. Open the gate.

Ada’s Oklahoma Sports Park will host two races, first on May 8th and then on July 31st.

The series’ championship run will include three trips to Kansas. Park City’s 81 Speedway will take place on June 26th, and Hutchinson Raceway Park will debut on July 16th on a WSO schedule. The Salina Speedway will be available in Dockett on August 28th.

Three WSO special events that do not count towards the championship are also planned and all are co-authorized. The first of them will occur on April 17th at the Jefferson County Speedway in Fairbury, Nevada, along with the USAC Wholesale Battery Midwest Wingless Racing Asun.

Both WSO and MWRA will then head to a two-night non-point special event that will take the series to Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas, May 21-22. Car series.

2021 USAC Wingless Sprint Oklahoma Schedule

April 9-New Tulsa Speedway-Tulsa, Oklahoma.
April 17 – Jefferson County Speedway – Fairbury, Nevada (M) **
April 23 – Red Dirt Raceway – Meeker, Oklahoma.
April 24 – Enid Speedway – Enid, Oklahoma.
May 8 – Oklahoma Sports Park – Ada, Oklahoma.
May 14-Red Dirt Raceway-Meeker, Oklahoma.
May 21-Lakeside Speedway-Kansas City, Kansas (N / M) **
May 22 – Lakeside Speedway – Kansas City, Kansas (N / M) **
May 28 – New Tulsa Speedway – Tulsa, Oklahoma.
June 26-81 Speedway-Kang, Park City.
July 16 – Hutchinson Raceway Park – Kang, Hutchinson.
July 31-Oklahoma Sports Park-Ada, Oklahoma.
August 28 – Salina Speedway – Kang, Salina.
October 22 – New Tulsa Speedway – Tulsa, Oklahoma.
October 23 – New Tulsa Speedway – Tulsa, Oklahoma.

** Represents a special event other than points

(M) Jointly approved with USAC Midwest Wingless Racing Ass’n

(N) Jointly approved with USACAM SOIL National Sprint Car Series

– Motorsports

USAC Wingless Sprint Oklahoma Set 15 Races USAC Wingless Sprint Oklahoma Set 15 Races

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